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an epithelial cell that secretes mucous

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The control and GABA+HS groups showed greater numbers of goblet cells and mucin secreted by the goblet cells also seemed to form an effective mechanical barrier.
Goblet cells are so-called because of their shape, which resembles a stemmed wine glass, the 'cup' portion being packed with mucin granules.
The murine mCLCA3 (alias gob-5) protein is located in the mucin granule membranes of intestinal, respiratory, and uterine goblet cells.
Our immunohistochemical analyses demonstrated that PLUNC-positive cells were mainly present in nasal mucosal epithelium, in goblet cells, and particularly in glandular epithelium.
After three months, both active-treatment groups showed significant improvements compared with the control group with respect to blurred vision, tear film breakup time, Schirmer tear test results, and goblet cell density.
The recognition of intestinal metaplasia, especially in goblet cells, is increased by the use of Alcian blue stain.
If there are mucus-producing goblet cells on the eye's surface, some will adhere to the paper and show up when a stain is applied.
In the same studies, RX-10008 is highly effective in preventing signs of dry eye, including decreasing corneal inflammation, reducing corneal epithelial damage, and preventing loss of goblet cells (the cells responsible for maintaining tear film integrity).
In addition, the root extract decreased the number of parasitic stages and the number of goblet cells in the jejunal villi in the infected mice.
Egbert et al first described this minimally invasive method of studying conjunctival goblet cells in 1977.
Intraepithelial goblet cells and lymphocytes were assayed by hematoxylin and eosin straining.
An important feature of asthma is excessive hyperplasia of goblet cells and mucus secretion that are key features contributing to airflow obstruction in the clinical syndrome of asthma.
7) In contrast, intestinal-type adenomas are composed of pseudostratified cells, with occasional goblet cells and no apical mucin cap (Figure 1, C).