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Lahnsteiner F, Berger B, Weismann T, Patzner RA (1997) Sperm structure and motility of the freshwater teleost Cottus gobio.
That's how my lola (Cornelia) and my mom (Lourdes) would cook their adobo,' says Gobio.
Males whose nests contain eggs are preferred by female Cottus gobio L.
Juhan Kunder (1877) bringt als Entsprechung fur Gobio gobio, den Grundling, das eigene estnische Wort kivikala anstelle des fremdartigen runt.
Awaous transandeanus (gunther, 1861); gobiidae: Chupapiedras (PN, PS, ZN, CA, VC, Ac), Lamearenas (PN, PS, ZN, CA), Gobio (PN, PS, ZN, CA, VC, Ac), Gobio de rio (PN, PS, ZN, CA, VC, Ac), Guab(v)ina (PN, PS, ZN, CA).
The results are changes of substratum composition, which affect macrovertebrate habitats or fish species reproduction (Cottus gobio or Salmo trutta fario).
47) Abadejo, acedia, aleche, anchova, anguilla, arenque, atun, barbo, bermejuela, besugo, carpa, cazon, cefalo, congrio, dorada, gobio, lamprea, lampuga, lenguado, lija, merluza, mero, murena, rodaballo, sabalo, saboga, salmon, salpa, sardina, sargo, sollo, tiburon, tonina, trucha.
A fourth cottid in the Baltic Sea, the European bullhead Cottus gobio Linnaeus, 1758, was not included in the study because of insufficient material.
The cost of parental care and egg cannibalism in the river bullhead, Cottus gobio L.
Sexual disruption in a second species of wild cyprinid fish (the Gudgeon, Gobio gobio) in United Kingdom freshwaters.