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This means that on the Isle of Salvora (and elsewhere), mink would be limited to capturing fish in the intertidal zone, mainly rocky benthic fish of rocky pools such as, for example, Gobiidae and Bleniidae.
Goby species include families Eleotridae, Rhyacichthyidae and Gobiidae are of course well adapted to high flow conditions due to their suction cups formed by fused pelvic fins that help them effectively cling on rocks and boulders against the extreme current [11].
Keith P (2003) Biology and ecology of amphidromous Gobiidae of the Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean regions.
11 Synbranchiformes Synbranchidae Synbranchus 3 marmoratus Perciformes Eleotridae Gobiomorus maculatus 5 Eleotris picta 13 Dormitator latifrons 9 Hemieleo 16 trislatifasciata Gobiidae Awaous banana 1 Orden TS GA Characiformes Pr Omn.
Las familias mas importantes fueron Gobiidae y Chaenopsidae, y se observo un patron de distribucion de estos peces relacionado a las caracteristicas de los arrecifes estudiados y al gradiente de profundidad.
As familias Gobiesocidae, Gobiidae, Serranidae, Monacanthidae e Labrisomidae foram representadas por uma unica especie cada, enquanto que a familia Blenniidae apresentou duas especies.
Nombre Familia Genero Especie Vulgar Lutjanidae Lutjanus Lutjanus synagris Pargo chino Carangidae Caranx Caranx hippos Jurel Caranx crysos Cojinua Chloroscombrus Chloroscombrus chrysurus Casabito Trachinotus Trachinotus falcatus Pampano Seriola Seriola dumerili Medregal Selene Selene vomer Jorobado Gobiidae Gobionellus Gobionellus oceanicus Guabino Scorpaenidae Scorpaena Scorpaena plumieri Rascasio Centropomidae Centropomus Centropomus undecimales Robalo Rachycentridae Rachycentron Rachycentron canadum Bacalao Sphyraenidae Sphyraena Sphyraena guachancho Juancho Ariidae Bagre Bagre marinus Barbudo pluma Cathorops Cathorops sp.
The following families had the highest number of species: Carangidae (5), Fundulidae (5), Sciaenidae (5), Engraulidae (3) and Sparidae (3), followed by the Clupeidae (2), Gobiidae (2), Mugilidae (2), Synodontidae (2) and Syngnathidae (2).
Parrotfish V Scarus taeinopterus Princess parrotfish V Sparisoma atomarium Greenblotch parrotfish V Sparisoma aurofrenatum Redband parrotfish V T Sparisoma viride Spotlight parrotfish V Gobiidae Coryphopterus personatus/hyalinus Masked/Glass goby V Acanthuridae Acanthurus sp.
KEYWORDS: Cyprinidae, exotic species, Gasterosteidae, Gobiidae, Moronidae, non-indigenous species.
Overall, coral reef fish species present a variety of complex spawning systems, but among them two major groups are generally observed: (1) demersal spawners, showing a synchrounous oocyte development and total spawning, represented mainly by species of the families Gobiidae, Blenniidae and Pomacentridae; and (2) pelagic spawners, exhibiting asynchronous oocyte development and spawning in portions, represented by families such as Lutjanidae, Haemulidae, Carangidae, Mullidae, and Gerreidae (Rong-Quen, 2000; Petersen and Warner, 2002).
Such phenotypic plasticity has been shown for several non-native fish species belonging to a variety of taxonomic families: Gobiidae such as bighead goby Ponticola kessleri (Gunther, 1861) and round goby Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas, 1814) (L'avrincikova & Kovac 2007, Kovac et al.
Unidentified clinid O Pholidaide Apodichthys flavidus Penpoint Gunnel R Xererpes fucorum Rockweed Gunnel R Pholis ornata Saddleback Gunnel R Ammodytidae Ammodytes hexapterus Pacific Sand Lance R Gobiidae Lepidogobius lepidus Bay Goby O Gobiidae spp.
De las 8 familias mas numerosas en el planeta (con mas de 400 especies cada una) 4 se encuentran en Jalisco: Cyprinidae, Gobiidae, Cichlidae y Characidae.