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As familias Labrisomidae, Gobiidae, Gobiesocidae e Blenniidae sao facilmente encontradas em substratos rochosos de aguas marinhas tropicais e subtropicais (FIGUEIREDO; MENEZES, 1978; NELSON, 1994; CARVALHO-FILHO, 1999).
Beam trawl catches were dominated by demersal fish families including Triglidae, Gobiidae, and Serranidae, whereas the dominant families found in the otter trawl consisted of Engraulidae, Stromateidae, Sciaenidae, Triglidae, and Bothidae (Tables 2-4).
2 Stomach contents n n Sardinops melanostictus 4 2 Konosirus punctatus 21 14 Unidentified clupeids 19 11 Engraulis japonicus 2 4 Unidentified Clupeiformes 34 22 Mugiliidae 3 2 Gobiidae 13 9 Total 96 64
Vanderhorstia papilio, a new shrimp-associated goby from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan (Perciformes: Gobiidae, Gobiinae), with comments on the limits of the genus.
Leptocottus armatus ENGRAULIDAE Anchoa compressa Anchoa delicatissima Engraulis mordax FUNDULIDAE Fundulus parvipinnis GIRELLIDAE Girella nigricans GOBIIDAE Acanthogobius flavimanus Clevelandia ios Clenogobius sagittula Gillichthys mirabilis Ilypnus gilberti Lepidogobius lepidus Quietula y-cauda MUGILIDAE Mugil spp.
The most numerically abundant taxa were permanent rockpool residents representing the families Gobiidae (Bathygobius cocosensis), Tripterygiidae (Enneapterygius rufopileus), Clinidae (Heteroclinus whiteleggi and H.
Over the last decade, systematic surveys of the freshwaters and estuaries of Fiji by Wetlands International have revealed a relatively diverse oceanic island ichthyofauna dominated by Gobiidae, Eleotridae and an unusually high diversity of syngnathine pipefishes including five species of Microphis, two species of Hippichthys and an unknown genus (Jenkins & Boseto 2003; Boseto 2006; Boseto & Jenkins 2006; Jenkins et.
The Gobiidae is the largest family of fishes known from the Red Sea; Goren & Dor (1994) listed 83 species of gobies, with a recent list of known species increasing this to 110 species (Golani & Bogorodsky 2010).
The aim of the present paper is to provide data on new records of four species of the family Gobiidae in the Red Sea.
A list of the American species of Gobiidae and Callionymidae, with notes on the specimens contained in the Museum of Comparative Zoology, at Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The purpose of the present paper is to provide a key to the Easter Island Gobiidae, a diagnosis, illustration, and list of available material of each species, reclassify the proposed subspecies of Gnatholepis cauerensis as a species, describe a new species of Kelloggella, previously identified as K.
Key to the species of Gobiidae of Easter Island la.