Gobi Desert

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One day in the summer of 1993, fossil hunter Michael Novacek was four-wheeling through the lunar landscape of Mongolia's Gobi Desert with his team of paleontologists (scientists who study plant and animal fossils).
Once there, he met a fellow wanderer and together they decided to travel to a settlement in Mongolia on the far edge of the Gobi desert and walk back to Hong Kong on the southern tip of China.
If you have to bring your employers a rich series of programmes, they will cost a lot if you make them in the Gobi desert.
GRUELLING John battles across the Gobi Desert sand; DONE IT John celebrates after reaching finish
Mark, from Bangor, Co Down, will run six marathons in seven days across the Gobi desert in Mongolia in aid of Sight Savers International and other Irish charities.
The fossils were found by American experts in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.
They are found only in the extreme hot or cold environment of the Gobi Desert and there are none in captivity, the organizers said.
The July heat of Gobi Desert sweltered as Roy Chapman Andrews, often called the real life Indiana Jones, held a fossil that would forever change how we think about dinosaurs.
To be displayed in the exhibition are the mighty Tyrannosoraus Rex of North America, the swift Velociraptor of the Gobi Desert, and the massive herbivore Amargasaurus of the tropical jungles of South America, among others.
Scientists have found that dust from the Gobi Desert in Asia is providing more phosphorous for plants in California, including giant sequoias, than previously thought.
The sandstorm was blowing hard over the Gobi Desert.
Dennis plays charter pilot Captain Frank Towns in Flight Of The Phoenix (2004), who finds himself stranded with his passengers in the Gobi Desert after his plane crashes.
The Great Gobi Desert, one of the five largest deserts on the earth, covers half a million square miles, and with rainfall averaging a mere four to six inches per year and temperatures that soar to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and drop to as low as minus forty in winter, it is not the most comfortable place to track, capture, and radio-collar grizzlies.
The 50MW Tsetsii wind farm, located in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, has successfully reached financial close.
The stray latched on to Dion during the week-long Gobi Desert March in north-west China in June.