Gobi Desert

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AN adventure seeker calling himself Cycling Scouser has undertaken a gruelling bike ride across the Gobi desert in China.
The route for the Gobi Desert Challenge is the same path, along the Silk Road, a famous Tang dynasty (~600 AD) Buddhist monk named Xuanzang walked during his 17-year overland journey from China to India.
Kate Humble and |Ordnor (one of the Nomadic herders) holding baby cashmere goats in the Gobi desert
The Gobi Desert in China's northwest is the most dominant; its cousin, the Kubuqi, is farther east and closest to Beijing.
In the Gobi desert there were severe sandstorms and pulling the trailer through that sand was tough.
We feel lucky to have been able to have helped those families in the Gobi desert.
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In the following weeks, actress and presenter Ffion Dafis will be in Mongolia's Gobi Desert, actor John Pierce Jones will be in Chile's Atacama desert, presenter Jason Mohammad will explore the desert lands of Judea, presenter and athlete Lowri Morgan will be in the Namib in southern Africa and actress Mali Harries will venture to India's Gobi Desert.
US authorities have taken hold the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur, that Mongolia wants returned, on suspicion that it was smuggled to the US from the Gobi desert.
Washington, March 7 ( ANI ): A bone from a pterosaur - giant flying reptile or 'pterodactyl' - has been discovered in the gut of the skeletal remains of a Velociraptor (small predatory theropod dinosaur) that lived in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia some 75 million years ago.
The Art and City museum was commissioned by the municipal government of Ordos in 2005 and is envisaged to form an integral part of a city that has quickly emerged in the Gobi Desert.
Sucheta Kadethankar became the first Indian woman to cross the Gobi Desert after a trek that took nearly two months.
Summary: A two-year-old girl has a remarkable survival story to her name after crawling away from her home in China into the Gobi Desert.
TOP Mongolian officials donned dark green baseball caps reading "Save our planet" and set up chairs and tables in the sands of the Gobi desert for a Cabinet meeting aimed at drawing attention to climate change.
But he came face to face with his biggest challenge when he met a group of orphaned babies and children in the Gobi desert.