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The Qualcomm Gobi MDM9625 and MDM9225 chipsets began sampling to vendors last November and are anticipated to enable commercial device launches with LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation later this year.
Wireless technology company Option (EuronextBrussels: OPTI) (Nasdaq-OTCBB: OPNVY) said that its mobile solution based on Gobi 2000 has been integrated into IREX's new DR800SG e-reader.
In 2001, at age 63, the author achieved her life's goal of crossing Mongolia's Gobi Desert, accompanied by her 74-year-old husband and two camels.
As the Gobi creeps closer to the wall, particles of sand and dirt per the structure, wearing away its surface.
Thru My Eyes: Thoughts on Tupac Amaru Shakur in Pictures and Words by Gobi, with Foreword by Afeni Shakur, Atria Books, October 2005 $20, ISBN 0-743-45700-5 Photographer Gobi, who was also Tupac's former music video director and friend, offers a glimpse of the young poet and music icon in this collection of 50 photographs, many seldom seen before.
The Gobi Desert was one place in the world that I someday hoped to visit.
A TEAM of British adventurers has crossed a stretch of the Gobi Desert using only the power of the wind.
A team of British adventurers is planning to cross the Gobi Desert using just wind power.
But Rawicz and a handful of his friends were to defy the Soviet apparatus of mass murder by embarking on an incredible continent-long trek, crossing frozen Siberian wastes and the barren Gobi desert in pursuit of freedom.
One more appetizer item of note that's listed as a house specialty is a cauliflower dish called gobi Manchurian ($6.
Japan's largest mobile operator NTT DoCoMo Inc has signaled its ambitions for the Chinese market with a $10m investment in the Gobi Fund Inc, which will target venture companies in China in digital media fields such as telecoms, internet and broadcasting.
Data from previous European introductions showed that horses older than three years had lower survival rates, but a young horse is still adaptable to the harsh Gobi environment.
This book is a biography of Roy Chapman Andrews, the explorer who collected many of these fossils from the Gobi desert in the 1920s in a series of daring and ingenious expeditions.
com) and Gobi are giving PCs away in much the same manner as telephone companies offer free cell phones.