cow dung

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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The Gobar study estimated the population of the Antelope Valley, a 2,800-square-mile region stretching from Acton to Ridgecrest, at about 506,400, up from about 418,000 in 2000.
Scott WJ, Gobar LS, Terry JD, Dewan NA, Sunderland JJ.
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GoBar provides users with unprecedented levels of handheld customization and data utilization while giving their Palm OS devices a familiar looking desktop look and feel.
Gobar,(2) the medical practitioners congregate around acute-care general hospitals at a ratio of roughly 576 square feet of medically related office space per bed.
Daisytek's presence will add an estimated $55 million of cumulative impact over the next five years into the local economy, according to Al Gobar of Gobar & Associates, an economic forecasting company.
FIRST it was gobar gas ( biogas generated from cow dung) that revolutionised renewable energy in rural India.
Nepal celebrated the construction of its ten-thousandth unit a few years ago, and there are thousands of polyethylene digesters operating in Vietnam, as well as a huge number of Chinese and Indian gobar gas units.
The survey results are part of a 100-page, $50,000 labor-market study produced by Alfred Gobar Associates for the Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance, a nonprofit organization supported by city governments of Lancaster and Palmdale, other government agencies and local businesses.
Singh was responsible for much of the research on small scale digesters) of the Gobar Gas Research Station in India.
Colwell, Al Gobar, Dowell Myers, Hugh Norse, Austin Jaffe, and especially Bob Foreman.
The basic issue is how to control emissions of greenhouse gases a" which are emitted from a range of sources, from the cars in which you drive to work and the gobar cakes that villagers burn to cook food to large coal- fired power plants that spew tons of carbon and other gases into the environment every day.
That is a pretty good increase in average income,'' said economist Alfred Gobar, whose firm has been conducting the Antelope Valley surveys every three or four years since 1987.