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a piece of dried bovine dung

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A series of filters will be used including average filters, Median, Auto enhancement and Gobar filter to remove noise.
The Gobar study estimated the population of the Antelope Valley, a 2,800-square-mile region stretching from Acton to Ridgecrest, at about 506,400, up from about 418,000 in 2000.
Phrases Bagiyan, Gath-gadi Taakne, Rajdrohi, Ratradrohi, Adaharmi, Arastriya Tatwa, Gobar, Kharani, Kulakshani, Sampradahik, Kshetriyabadi, etc, used to hold tag to various types of oppositional activists in different political regimes.
Gobar, "Constitutional Law: Validity of 'Red Light Law': Taxation," California Law Review 2 (September 1914): 498; Worthington, "Injunction and Abatement Law," 1; Rosen, The Lost Sisterhood, 29.
An easy-to-use, sophisticated utility application for Palm OS-based handheld computers, Aladdin System's GoBar 2.
Gobar,(2) the medical practitioners congregate around acute-care general hospitals at a ratio of roughly 576 square feet of medically related office space per bed.
Possibly the emotional perspective is most important - as Gobar (1996, p.
Daisytek's presence will add an estimated $55 million of cumulative impact over the next five years into the local economy, according to Al Gobar of Gobar & Associates, an economic forecasting company.
The provisions made for upliftment of farmers enumerated by PM Modi includes extending the benefit of exemption in income tax enjoyed by cooperative societies to Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) as well, Kisan credit card for saving farmers from the hassle of bank loans, Gobar Dhan Yojana to keep villages clean as well as to help increase the income of farmers and cattlemen.
25 million cubic meters of gas daily by installing 5 million family size gobar gas plants, sufficient to meet cooking needs of around 30 million people.
Composto por amigos artistas de areas diversas, que pensam e desenvolvem em conjunto as intervencoes criativas, destacam em muito de seus trabalhos a generosidade de uma das participantes, Nadia Gobar.
did he shake hands with today, where did he inaugurate a gobar gas plant, whose silver jubilee function did he attend, and what did he say yet again about India's unity and "integrity".
FIRST it was gobar gas ( biogas generated from cow dung) that revolutionised renewable energy in rural India.