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Synonyms for goatherd

a person who tends a flock of goats


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The former goat-herd, who likes to flash his toned stomach during songs, said: "I wake up in the morning and meditate.
Music stores reported It's Chico Time flew off the shelves following its release, with the former goat-herd outselling Madonna by a margin of 2:1.
But, unlike in the film, there was no Lonely Goat-herd around.
In the best tradition of the Rocky Horror Show, the audience is the star and the film merely an excuse for its members to indulge their secret fantasies and dress up like nuns or lonely goat-herds.
We told them that even if we had lost 8-0 to three Ethiopian goat-herds and a one-legged cat, seeing their lot go down the toilet would still have made everything okay again.