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a state of southwestern India

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Tickets are priced at QR100 (VIP), QR75 and QR50 and are available at Designers Tailors (44325478 / 55890361), Goan Art Tailors (44421233), Kebab King Kitchen (44567975) and committee members.
For these Goans, who support Brazil not only for their artistic brand of football but also due to a "shared culture, food, music and more", the World Cup is well and truly over.
Outside many Goan temples, female worshippers often purchase a thali called on which holds coconuts, fruits, flowers and a traditional choli blouse cloth called khan as an offering to the gods (figure 5).
We explore how, for some diasporic Catholic Goans, identity is shaped by a narrative of absencing: the history of Portuguese colonization in Goa, the 1960s 'liberation' of Goa from Portuguese rule by the Indian state, the contemporary hybrid spaces of Catholic and Hindu identity in Goa itself, and even the question of native tongue are all erased in favour of an origin myth of authentic Goan identity as Catholic, Portuguese-influenced and English-speaking.
They are more than capable of shackling Salgaocar's main goal threats, Nigerian forward Chidi Edeh and Japanese star Ryuji Sueoka, and the Goan rivals may have to settle for a point apiece.
In a letter to the Home Ministry, Faleiro informed the Centre that many Goans, especially Christians had migrated to Pakistan in search of jobs before India's Independence in 1947.
The hotel has flown over top Goan chef Urbano de Rego to host its first Goan Food Festival.
For the Goan Food Festival, well-known Goan chef Urbano de Rego is being flown over from the Taj Holiday Village in Goa to introduce this exciting cuisine to Dubai diners.
Mr Goan has served his seven-year term and has decided not to extend it.
dining Fine chance of getting away this week to Indian shores, so instead we're heading to the Goan food festival at Moksh restaurant in Cardiff Bay.
You can take a Goan out of Goa but you can never take Goa out of a Goan is an age-old adage.
But RTE chief Cathal Goan refused to issue the figures.
Festival chairman and RTE director-general Cathal Goan, said: "It's a pleasure to be returning to Caernarfon for the 30th Celtic Media Festival, 21 years after our first visit in 1988.
In her letter, Fiona, 43, of Bideford, Devon, alleged that Goan drug gangs and local police were linked.
As Greene suggests, the Goan village, whether Hindu or Christian, exudes peace, an atmosphere created as much from contentment within the home as from our landscape blessed by waters, hills and abundant, varied harvests of paddy, fish, coconut and mango.