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one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field

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But the pegs were not being used and the goalposts, which needed up to six men to carry them, fell on Casey.
The funding of the goalposts will particularly benefit Westend FC's junior teams, who train at the New Hey Road campus.
Police took away the goalposts and a spokesman said: "The children present were affected by the incident.
The latest break-in comes just months after the club was left with only broken goalposts following another burglary.
For Palestinians to continue negotiating while Israel moves the goalposts time and again would be foolish, but simply to abandon talks is not enough.
Gothenburg's Danish cat Kim Christensen has been caught on camera kicking in both goalposts to narrow the width of the goal before a league match against Orebro.
So I guess, you know, you could call that moving the goalposts, if you
Other prime candidates to get their noggins checked are a handful of softies who claim football goalposts should now be padded to prevent these freak accidents from happening again.
There were no goalposts at the ECR football field, so Gold worked with the school's facilities department to see that they were installed in time.
The base is filled with water or sand for stability while the goalposts keep the ball in the pool.
The answer was along the lines of not moving the goalposts for the current season because that wouldn't be fair.
Yes, the show also contained works from the '80s and '90s, all based on paradox: soccer goalposts made using ancient stained-glass techniques (Goals, 1989-92) and just waiting for the first irreverent kick to shatter them; Gas Canisters, 1988-89, decorated in the style of Delft porcelain; and the baroque Concrete Mixers, 1990-92.
The reason for this paradox, of course, is that Mr Brown moved the goalposts.
It was just a big, wide-open field without goalposts or sidelines.
Jimmy Hoffa is buried beneath the goalposts at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.