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a small low motor vehicle with four wheels and an open framework

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He even found time for his hobby, adult go-kart racing.
ON JANUARY 8th, at Central First School, some students and a teacher started building an amazing go-kart.
Our go-karts are designed to help kids develop their steering and control gross motor skills while offering a real racing experience whether they are a beginner or a more advanced rider.
The thieves are believed to have fraudulently hired the go-karts and the distinctive pedal car and must have had a vehicle parked nearby in which to load them.
Eight young ex-offenders aged 14 to 18 are building go-karts as part of a project based around programme Scrapheap Challenge to teach them about driving and mechanics.
Alonso said that his parents had always prioritized studies over racing and if he did well in studies he could keep racing in go-karts.
Around 200 youngsters took a step back in time to use their design and technology skills to create go-karts of the future.
According to Kaz, the biggest difference between the two types of racing is that go-karts are open, while bandolero cars are closed like traditional race cars.
The singer was taken to hospital with a broken rib after he smashed a go-kart into a wall, then fell out.
His family booked a caravan for the weekend and the first we knew about it was when we saw a crowd of children hanging around him by the go-karts.
Meanwhile, a former Electrolux worker has started up his own go-kart business.
The challenge saw dozens of weird and wacky go-karts racing to raise funds for Acorns.
Remember when we just had plain old bicycles, then they decided to make stunt bikes which became the BMX (Bikes Moto X) - well plain old go-karts have been around for years so now they've developed a stunt go kart - the KMX (Karts Moto X).
The only business I was interested in starting was one which involved go-karts.
Jake Farndon, of Tile Hill, has been driving go-karts since he was six and has been racing for the past two years.