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Synonyms for sea

Synonyms for sea

a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land

anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

turbulent water with swells of considerable size

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The case is the first time a sailor has been prosecuted for raping a female colleague since women were allowed to go to sea with the Navy in 1990.
I wanted to go to sea and was promptly told: "You don't.
When I was born,in `39, The work was scarce,jobs hard to find While sitting on my father's knee He packed his bag to go to sea.
Now the vessel's owner, businessman Steve Clarke, 50, is having to work out a way of lowering the upper sections of her masts every time she has leave from her base at Bideford to go to sea.
But ( 14 years after women were first allowed to go to sea ( Lt Wyness, who is from County Durham, is taking over as commander of HMS Example.
He said: "You failed to ensure that the shipping vessel was operated in a safe manner in allowing it to go to sea in an un- seaworthy state.
But the families claim the boat was dangerously unstable and should never have been allowed to go to sea.
On the contrary, they would be mad to willingly go to sea on a vessel which has up to 270 defects.
In the late 1950s, I was lucky enough to go to sea with the ``North Wales Navy'' - the Blue Funnel Shipping Company, from Liverpool - together with so many other lads from North Wales, proud to carry the name of Liverpool the world over.
He added: "I have sympathy with the skippers because they need men to go to sea - if that happens to be a young addict then that is what happens.
The tax-free payouts will be made on completion of training and before sailors even go to sea.
He added: "Alan was the last person to go to sea with this man and now he is dead.
They want massive compensation for crews who will only be allowed to go to sea for 15 days a month.
The skipper of the Sapphire broke silence yesterday - and vowed never go to sea again.
A COUPLE cheated death by being rescued as their yacht sank after they ignored storm warnings not to go to sea.