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a card game for two players who try to assemble books of cards by asking the opponent for particular cards

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Go Fish Poke Bar, scheduled to open at River Oaks Plaza in early 2018, is a fast-casual poke bowl concept created by Chef Jerome Ito where customers can build their own bowl by selecting from a variety of fresh fish and local, organic ingredients.
It's also vital that we listen to players' feedback and that's been important in the development of Go Fish.
Sajay Moolankodan, Director, Go Fish Entertainment Pvt.
Then again, DreamWorks' decision to launch Go Fish was based more on artistic considerations than the bottom line.
Invisible Go Fish is designed from a formalist's perspective, with textile patterns and silhouettes of fish.
Yes, your film Go Fish was the first film they ever sold at Sundance during the festival proper.
An ex-girlfriend, played by Go Fish star Guinevere Turner--who's also a writer on The L Word--keeps turning up with other women on her arm.
A gorgeous and seasoned actor and screenwriter for films like Go Fish and American Psycho, Guinevere Turner has recently accrued yet another folding chair, with her debut directorial bow, Spare Me.
Weekly called it a "hip-hop telenovel," This scruffy Latina comedy is the first lesbian feature film since Go Fish to genuinely capture the Yuddie (Young Urban Dyke) milieu, Out lesbian actress Desi del Valle (Costa Brava, Mod Fuck Explosion) stars as the slightly butch Desi--a gun-shy girl on a dry spell being prodded into romance by her best pal, J.
Better yet - go fish elsewhere, such as the Eastern Sierra or Northern California.
Go Fish had a gang of gals who cheered and chided each other, as did the critically scorned but audience-friendly films Bar Girls and Everything Relative; all of these were marked by the friendships familiar to lesbian viewers.