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the philosophical theory of knowledge

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139-45); the "instantaneist" ontology and the gnoseology of the Sautrantikas (pp.
1) Gnoseology is the philosophy of knowledge and the human faculties for learning.
De Quincey figures his idea of this different order through rhetorically worked hallucinogenic similitudes, and alludes to it in his awareness of impasse, as that gnoseology contained by hieroglyphic alphabets of "the burden of the Incommunicable," that which is represented by riddling sphinxes as much as by his own sense of alienated knowledge (Masson 3:315).
Among his perspectives are Baraka and the 'Ujaq, ideology from the Rive Nord, messianic positivism and the Maraboutic state, Algerie Francaise and the teleological railroad, ethnicity and the locomotive class, and Islam Progressiste and the gnoseology of state.
One such attitude would be a natural attitude where the human person, as Schutz puts it, makes an philosophical epoche, that is, bracketing (32) all philosophical debates on the gnoseology and ontology of his or her world and simply lives in it.
One aspect of Aristotelian gnoseology which Bruno retains is the principle that there can be no knowledge unless a trace of a perception, a sensory image, has been left in our memory (nihil est in intellectu quin prius non erit in sensu).