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a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man

a short pithy saying expressing a general truth

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2 but both companies hope it will continue with subsequent releases - especially the one Red Hat plans to ship with the GNOME desktop environment (see separate story).
26 -- GTK+ is a popular UI toolkit that was initially developed for the GIMP software and has since become popular as the toolkit for the Gnome desktop environment and the software that runs on it.
Codenamed Dapper Drake (don't ask) and featuring the latest GNOME desktop environment, 6.
1 includes revised manuals with new chapters about digital cameras, the printing system CUPS, and the GNOME desktop environment.
Unlike some Linux OSes, which bombard you with multiple versions of the same kind of program, Ubuntu chooses one for each task, neatly arranged in an up-to-date GNOME desktop environment (gnome.