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(Italian) a small dumpling made of potato or flour or semolina that is boiled or baked and is usually served with a sauce or with grated cheese

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Their Gnocco Di Fonduta Al Tartufo (Potato Gnocco Filled With Cheese Fondue, Butter and Sage Emulsion, Truffle Shavings) was rich, flavorful and served with a generous touch-something the Cerea brothers are known for.
We eat many other things too, but the event is known among us as the gnocco dinner.
The fried gnocco is served right away, together with the hors d'oeuvres and the tigelle; the sliced meats served with them are prosciutto, mortadella, spalla cotta, and cicciolata.
To help demonstrate the depth of the menu there were six different breads ranging from the more obvious Grissini (bread sticks) and focaccias to Gnocco Romagnolo, a type of gnocchi bread dough rolled thinly and deep fried.
Shizue's gold Gnocco bag (pounds 430 -020 7491 3322) will suit those with more lavish tastes, while Dollargrand's silver clutch costs pounds 119 (0207 384 2662).
Cordell Doemling Zeljko Ivanek Evelda Drumgo Hazelle Goodman FBI Agent Pearsall David Andrews FBI Director Noonan Francis Guinan DEA Agent Eldridge James Opher Gnocco Enrico Lo Verso Carlo Ivano Marescotti Matteo Fabrizio Gifuni Ricci Ennio Coltorti
An Italian-inspired dish showcased homegrown ingredients-Iloilo blue crab meat and mud crab roe kinilaw stacked in between water spinach gnocco.
The pastas include little ear-shaped orecchiette Pugliesi and gnocco Sardo, ideal for a big, robust sauce.
To cap her presentation, Fores played a step-by-step video on her modern takes on three quintessential Pinoy dishes: a pan-seared Bohol marlin draped with a muscovado teriyaki glaze and miso sauce for her updated version of sinigang; local blue crab meat and fat sandwiched in a water spinach gnocco stack for kinilaw; and a savory salted egg and balut panna cotta with chicken skin, pickled century egg and soft-boiled quail egg for her nouveau take on adobo.
Then there were the carbs- flatbreads or piada and piadina, loved by Arcangelo Corelli, a Baroque composer and violinist; and Pavarottis gnocco fritto, crispy fried dough puffs.