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(Italian) a small dumpling made of potato or flour or semolina that is boiled or baked and is usually served with a sauce or with grated cheese

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We eat many other things too, but the event is known among us as the gnocco dinner.
The fried gnocco is served right away, together with the hors d'oeuvres and the tigelle; the sliced meats served with them are prosciutto, mortadella, spalla cotta, and cicciolata.
To help demonstrate the depth of the menu there were six different breads ranging from the more obvious Grissini (bread sticks) and focaccias to Gnocco Romagnolo, a type of gnocchi bread dough rolled thinly and deep fried.
Shizue's gold Gnocco bag (pounds 430 -020 7491 3322) will suit those with more lavish tastes, while Dollargrand's silver clutch costs pounds 119 (0207 384 2662).
The pastas include little ear-shaped orecchiette Pugliesi and gnocco Sardo, ideal for a big, robust sauce.