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We expected to find acid phosphatase in the drop, since two different laboratories have reported its presence via activity assays in Gnetales.
Within the context of the structurally diverse female gametophytes of seed plants, it has long been recognized (Coulter 1914) that some of the most anomalous seed plant female gametophytes are found in species of Gnetum, which with Welwitschia and Ephedra comprise the Gnetales.
Certainly this seems to be the situation in extant Gnetales (Fig.
Even in primary xylem of conifers and Gnetales, one sees circular bordered pits intercalated into the helical bands
seed plants of Gnetales, Cycadales, and Pinales; (2) floral scent
Seed plant phylogeny inferred from all three plant genomes: Monophyly of extant gymnosperms and origin of Gnetales from conifers.
A particularly relevant article by Endress (1996) analyzed many aspects of development, including "inflorescences" of the reproductive structures of Gnetales.
thaliana floral meristem identity gene, is another highly conserved regulatory gene with homologs in the basal angiosperms and Gnetales (Weigel et al.