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a laminated metamorphic rock similar to granite

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A number of the showings occur in metasediments within basement gneisses, with a majority hosted by pegmatite units within the metasediments.
Several positive anomalies are known in the area of Sonda-Uljaste and Assamalla dome-like structures and in the Haljala area, which are associated with sulphide-graphite gneisses (black schists), quartzites, skarned carbonaceous rocks, and pyroxene gneisses.
The host gneisses of the Tarssartoq dykes contain an older dyke swarm, known as the Inaluk dykes, which were metamorphosed and deformed before intrusion of the Tarssartoq dykes.
On the NE end of the profile, the low-density upper crust consisting of mica schist and mica gneisses, juxtaposed to the thick (~30 km) lower crust, produces a great mass deficiency.
Most of the gold occurs in a breccia unit related to the Sortan fault that strikes northwest, dips northeast and juxtaposes Jurassic Winterhaven Formation against lower plate gneisses which have been extensively intruded by biotite alaskite phases of the Marcus Wash peraluminous granitic complex.
Al-rich garnet- (Gr), cordierite- (Cor) and sillimanite- (Sil) bearing gneisses and biotite (Bi) gneisses build up 25.
To date geological mapping has documented numerous areas of artisanal bedrock mining operations hosted within shallow dipping garnetiferrous, quartzo-feldspathic and biotitic gneisses, scattered over a surface area of 14 square kilometres in the east-central portion of the Morogoro property.
The hole then entered the host rock at 474 metres and remained in the gneisses until the hole was terminated at 494 metres.
The western edge of Baffin Island coincides with the hinge line between the Foxe Basin and structural uplands of Archean gneisses and Proterozoic metasediments that are cut by an extensive swarm of diabase dykes.
The property is underlain by metasediments, gneisses and granites of the Clearwater Domain.
com), which is located on the southwest side of Waterbury Lake, is underlain by a well-defined basement ridge interpreted as a mylonite zone composed of pelitic gneisses.
The paragneisses are underlain by Archean-age granitic gneisses mainly exposed in erosional windows along the crest of major northeast-trending anticlinal folds.
There are also indicated to be abundant dikes of Sudbury Breccia in the footwall gneisses.
The property is underlain by a layered mafic-ultramafic complex (MUM), Archean gneisses and schists, and phases of the Tobacco Root batholith of Cretaceous age.