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comprising all vertebrates with upper and lower jaws

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Support for the forebrain in gnathostomes is provided by the paired polar bodies and anterior trabeculae.
The two structures of primary importance in the transition from agnathan (jawless) fish to gnathostomes were the mandibular arch (gill arch 2) and the hyoid arch (gill arch 3).
Other paleontologists, however, argue that gnathostomes may not have evolved that early.
His major research area is foodborne zoonotic parasites, including echinostomes, heterophyids, and gnathostomes.
The data suggested that several genes were expressed in patterns analogous to those in gnathostomes (Newth, 1950; Myojin et al, 2001; Neidert et al, 2001; Meulemans and Bronner-Fraser, 2002; Meulemans et al.
All modern-day gnathostomes, from mammals to elasmobranches, have structurally and compositionally similar myelin sheaths.
The myelinated nervous system arose in a common ancestor of all modern-day gnathostomes (jawed animals).