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glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief

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The second spans the fruitful, yet frustrating period from Philipp Valentini's misguided condemnation of Landa as a Spanish fake in 1880, to Knorosov's 1956 demonstration that Landa's `alphabet' held the key to a phonetic reading of the glyphs.
The archaeological findings of Sharer and company, as well as recent glyph decipherments, indicate Classic Copan was a full-fledged political state "from the founder on up," contends epigrapher and art historian Linda Schele of the University of Texas in Austin.
While image segmentation is a challenging task, the new VisiQuest toolbox provides a comprehensive library of glyphs that can be used to develop a sophisticated application.
We worked hand in hand with the AFRL team to take ideas like Knowledge Glyphs from a concept described on a presentation slide to the working model in use today," said Barbara Stinnett, senior vice president and chief customer officer, Worldwide Services and Solutions Group, Silicon Graphics.
In Maya cosmos, the Great Cycle ending glyph with its three tun signs is interpreted as the three stones of a primeval hearth, an essential creation act in the authors' reconstructed Maya mythology.
Maya stone reliefs, sculptures and paintings clearly show these practices, but the reality of blood rituals and sacrifice was ignored or glossed over until many of the glyphs that line the borders of these artworks were decoded.
FlowBuilder provides a comprehensive glyph palette, which includes the usual numerical and logical operations, digital filtering, spectrum analyses and statistical functions.
We continue to discover new glyphs nearly every time we visit the cave, so this is at best a partial listing from the site's dark zone.
Jack Murphy, Monotype Imaging's vice president of research and development, commented on MERL's patented "adaptively sampled distance field" approach to rendering and describing character glyphs and shapes.
The library glyphs are just part of a larger marketing campaign.
Recently, King V the Venture Resident Spiritual Advisor was seen on the Navajo Nation reservation where he was commissioning artists to design new glyphs for the truck company Cochrane refuses to comment, but insiders are quick to point out Keith's quiver of eagle feathers and buffalo skulls.
In the past, designers who required the use of expert glyphs like oldstyle figures and small capitals were forced to juggle multiple fonts.
To summarize, there has been relatively little behavioral research on evaluating the use of star plot glyphs to represent multivariate data.
David said: "Last year we learnt about typography, its art and the techniques of type glyphs.
The author begins with Maya calendric glyphs, specifically examining the chronology of the ruler of the Mayan city of Calacmul, Yuknoom Ch'een (circa CE 600-686).