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Welsh chieftain who led a revolt against Henry IV's rule in Wales (1359-1416)


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Glyndwr University's ambitious plans are clearly a step in the right direction, because we want to see our universities build up their research capacity, ensuring that the good ideas that come out of the universities are then commercialised for the benefit of the Welsh economy.
123 in the 2016 Complete University Guide that Glyndwr University has in its ranking out of 126 in the CUG, its score of 63.
Students studying A Level Art, BTEC Level 3 in Interactive Media and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design were introduced to the range of creative degrees Glyndwr has to offer and the benefits of studying in the local area.
But Cowbridge-based lecturer and author Terry Breverton believes Glyndwr (1359-c.
The event is named after one of Wales' most famous and celebrated sons - Owain Glyndwr.
It states: "The Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology & Science [Edwina Hart] has rejected Glyndwr University's request to have OpTIC Technium building transferred to them at nil cost and has agreed to officials entering into negotiations to dispose of the premises to them at market value.
Glyndwr was a great Welsh patriot who united Wales, founded a Welsh parliament and was a consummate guerrilla captain.
At the time, Glyndwr was leading a rebellion against the English.
Spurred by the return of the Stone of Scone and inspired by "the increase in national confidence and determination," the Western Mail-- self-proclaimed national newspaper of Wales -- instigated a campaign to find and return the remains of Glyndwr to Wales.
With more than 30 years' experience in the administration and management of universities in London and the Midlands she plans to draw on that to support the executive team at Glyndwr as it prepares to unveil a new Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Director of Finance in the New Year.
Wrexham's Glyndwr University has forged closer ties with the University of Chester, which will validate its PhD programmes until 2020.
THE Vice-Chancellor of Glyndwr University is to speak about the links between Shakespeare, Owain Glyndwr and the future of his university.
The Owain Glyndwr Seren Award has been launched by Cardiff council, and the judges today called for nominations from the city's residents.
MEIBION Glyndwr - meaning the sons of Glyndwr - became known asaWelsh nationalist movement violently opposed to a loss of Welsh culture and language.