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an antidiabetic drug (trade name Glucophage) prescribed to treat type II diabetes

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El oraculo de Alejandro en Abonuteico (19) se mostro particularmente activo en los anos de la peste, pues sin duda fueron muchos las per sonas que le consultaban al dios-serpiente Glycon (es decir, al profeta Alejandro) sobre la forma de evitar esta enfermedad mortal (20).
Se supone que poco antes del choque de los ejercitos, Severiano habia consultado el oraculo de Glycon, que le habia augurado una fulgurante victoria, como se lee en la primera parte del capitulo 27 del Alejandro.
Interpharma Praha has developed technology to produce high-purity resveratrol and resveratrol glycon according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards.
Glycon the strong man, that doesn't mean you wouldn't
Cynics could threaten the status quo, though there is no reason to think that Peregrinus, or Alexander of Abonuteichos with his snake god, Glycon, were much of a menace.
The most common Aeolic verse form used for Greek and Latin lyric poetry and named for the Greek poet Glycon, about whom little is known.
Beam Services Electroform Company Enercon Industries Engel Erema Eriez Magnetics Extreme industrial Knife Fibrex Fortune Personnel Consultants Gammaflux Gefran Glycon Gneuss Goettrert Heritage Plastics Hunter Lab Hypedon Catalysis Incoe Indiana Plastics Innovative Marking Systems Insul-Vest International Specialty Products JSW Kawnguchi America Kenrich Petrochemicals King Systems KLA Industries Kreyenborg Industries Leistritz Lenzkes Clamping Tools List USA Lorenz Mnguire Products Mattec Midwest Knife Grinding Midwest Plastics Systems Mirror Polishing & Plating MKS instruments Mold Base Industries Mold-Masters Moldflow Moran MTS systems Negd Bossi Neutrex NFM Welding Engineers Novatec PCS Penn State Erie Perkin Elmer I.
Through his daughter's marriage to the important Roman official, and because of the interest that several prominent politicians pay to the Glycon cult, Alexander is simply too well-connected to be prosecuted.
Harris has been appointed chief engineer for Glycon Corporation, Tecumseh, Mich.