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an ester of glycerol and fatty acids that occurs naturally as fats and fatty oils

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Can absorb large amounts of water and have a hydrophobic fatty base in which wool fat, wool alcohols, sorbitan esters, mono glycerides, or fatty alcohols render them hydrophilic.
LC-MS conditions for sphingolipids, phosphoglycerides, glycerides and sphingomyelins were previously established (Qu et al.
It is observed that hexane can be used effectively as solvent in lipid extraction rather than combination of cyclohexane/butanol because of its specificity towards the desirable contents of glycerides.
Following our hypothesis, we expect that UV-cured films from ACO glycerides would have a higher crosslinking density and higher mechanical stability compared to UV-cured films of ACO.
This was in accordance with the results of [20] who reported that increasing the reaction time from 2 to 4 hr, no significant effect on the glyceride conversion was observed.
Lower termites also synthesize glycerides using acetate produced from fermentation by protozoan symbionts (Potrikus and Breznak 1981).
Abstract In this article, a new synthetic approach for the modification of partial glycerides (PG) obtained from sunflower oil with thermally curable benzoxazine units and its potential use as a coating material are described.
0 wt% of a hydrolysis stabilizer consisting of epoxidized fatty acid glycerides with a mean molecular weight of at least 425 g/mol.
Hence a need persists for well-characterized reference measurement procedures (RMPs) to guarantee the accuracy and traceability of serum glycerides obtained from routine procedures.
The different components of lipids, including total phospholipids, glycolipids and free fatty acids (FFA) were measured by standard procedures as described by Marinetti (1962), Raughan and Batt (1968) and Koniecko (1979), respectively, whereas total glycerides were indirectly calculated by subtracting all these from total lipid values.
Since fatty acid esters are found in nature as triacyl glycerides, the authors used them as nonexpensive acylation reagents in a later study on fatty acid starch esters (25).
The most recent introductions are Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser, which relies on green tea extract rich in vitamins C and E to reduce redness, combined with olive oil and olive leaf extract, which provide skin softening glycerides.
Yet inserted into the mustard weed - well known to researchers as Arabidopsis and a cousin to commercial oilseed canola - the burning bush gene encodes an enzyme that produces a substantial yield of unusual compounds called acetyl glycerides, or acTAGs.
The profile and retention front separation of various neutral lipids component such as Triacyl glyceride (TAG), Diacyl glyceride), Free fatty acid(FF) and Mono acyl glycerides (MAG) profiles are deduced by comparing with the standard triolene.
Subjects with MS had higher age (males>females), longer time since onset (only among females), greater waist circumference (males=females), higher body mass index (in males>in females), higher weight and blood pressure (in females>in males), higher total glycerides and fasting blood sugar (among females, and not differ across genders for the presence or absence of the MS (Table II).