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Synonyms for glutton

Synonyms for glutton

a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess

musteline mammal of northern Eurasia

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Irus was very angry and answered, "You filthy glutton, you run on trippingly like an old fish-fag.
After calling my dearest friend a fool and a glutton, you send her your love for your own selfish ends; and you expect me to help you in deceiving her
This is indeed more properly hunger; and as no glutton is ashamed to apply the word love to his appetite, and to say he LOVES such and such dishes; so may the lover of this kind, with equal propriety, say, he HUNGERS after such and such women.
If only I had been a glutton now, a club gourmand, but you see I can eat this.
Utilizing texts ranging from the Slow Food Movement to 'food porn' as a cornucopia of visual fantasies, "Gourmands and Gluttons" maintains that today the gourmand and the glutton have come to epitomize a rhetoric of excess far beyond the realm of food.
MEN are gluttons who put their health at risk by eating unhealthy foods while women are more fussy about their diets, a report has found.
Eskan Bank acting as investment manager of the Bahrain Property Trust (Musharaka) has entered into a management agreement with Gluttons i.
Also if they did not make such gluttons of themselves simply because it is completely free.
1 ( ANI ): A four-day multi-cuisine food carnival kickstarted in Goa, tickling the taste buds of gluttons with savoury appetizers and mouthwatering recipes, serving a perfect platform for speciality restaurants, hotels, lifestyle and beverage brands across the globe.
Today we have the identical situation of a stagnant economy, a vast burden of indolent, rich gluttons and working class people desperate for some control over their plight.
With food trails that take in locally-made cheeses, gorgeous farm shops and wind up at award-winning gastropubs, this nicely-designed new site champions local producers and could make gluttons of us all, especially if we end up at a micro-brewery instead of taking a healthy walk in the countryside.
Cancer could be drastically reduced if people were not such gluttons and if increasing income and food supply did not overfeed the average person.
Clearly the experience didn't traumatise the lads too much, because they're back for more - they're obviously gluttons for punishment
Examining ancient meanings of fat bodies and gluttons provides insight into how Western culture has constructed ideas about self-control and moderation, how fat bodies and gluttons are distinguished and defined, and how bodily behavior both shapes and reflects gendered assumptions about the body.
MASOCHISTIC American A-listers are gluttons for punishment.