gluteus maximus

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the outermost of the three gluteal muscles

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The maximum current amplitude is defined as 100 percent of 140, 140, and 100 mA adjusted for knee extensor, knee flexor, and gluteus maximus muscle groups, respectively.
It was only suspected after the PET-CT study, which revealed intense focal uptake in the gluteus maximus muscle.
The tendon of the gluteus maximus muscle was split to allow anterior translation of the femur and to prevent traction on the sciatic nerve.
There were limited studies on the gluteus maximus muscle specific to the topic of rehabilitation and no randomized controlled trials were reported.
I had no idea your gluteus maximus muscles - that's yer bare erchie - could deactivate until Woods dropped his pearl of wisdom.
Topping wants students to engage the gluteus maximus muscles to create a whole-body experience.
Whereas the majority of muscle activity was for the quadriceps, triceps, and rectus abdominus for the teeter totter exercises, for the thigh-thigh-shoulder exercises, there was significant activity for the quadriceps, back extensors, rectus abdominus, triceps, and gluteus maximus muscles, especially when using the 6-lb ball.
Leg press -- involving quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus muscles, used for moving between seated and standing positions.
Another study showed that people who develop lumbar back pain have gluteus maximus muscles that fatigue more quickly than individuals who do not develop back pain, he said.