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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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Butt (20 minutes) C A butt sculpting sequence of exercises that starts on all fours, isolating movement at the hip joint to work glutes and hamstring muscles.
For example, the plank, so many people do not engage the glutes and abdom-abdom do not engage the glutes and abdom inals so feel pain in their lower back but continue with the exercise as they believe they are doing good.
Your glutes work closely with your core, hips, quads and hamstrings.
BUNNY HOPS Works: Shoulders, back, abdominals, glutes, quads and also your hamstrings.
Stand up straight and repeat, doing three sets of 10-15 reps to work thighs and glutes.
The 41-year-old still has no strength in his hamstrings or glutes after breaking his back in a paragliding accident in 2009 - a severe handicap when racing around eight laps of a circuit 25 per cent uphill.
However on the positive side my glutes had a fantastic workout
Johns is dressed in a tight gold swimsuit with cut out panels around her midriff while Boulton puts her impressive glutes on display in a pair of tiny hot pants.
Squats and lunges are prime examples of what will activate quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes all at the same time.
This gives your glutes (bottom) and leg muscles a great workout and the core muscle groups in your upper body have to work harder to maintain balance.
Technogym has introduced Crossover, a workout equipment which provides a complete upper and lower body training and ensures maximum glutes activation.
Feet flexed, squeeze glutes and inner thighs, lift bottom off the floor hold for count of five and slowly bring back down to floor.
while brushing my top teeth, I often do deep squats to work my quads, nay glutes, and my hamstrings.
All major muscles and reaching up high and doing those extra steps will work quads and glutes.