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A 70-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital in March 1997 complaining of pain in her left gluteal region.
A 42-year-old man with a history of alcoholism presented to the emergency room with a several-week history of weight loss, low-grade fever, elevated sedimentation rate and a palpable, tender mass in the left gluteal region.
One month after receiving a course of 29 intramuscular injections, she showed more lesions in the left gluteal region and was treated with herbal medicine.
Physical examination revealed a mobile, painless, rubbery, 2 cm inguinal lymphadenopathy as well as a separate mass, approximately 15 cm in diameter, in the right gluteal region.
The course of the sciatic nerve in the gluteal region places it at risk for injury from IM injections.
Symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome are heaviness in the pelvis with standing, low abdominal pain, painful varicosities in branches around the labia and vulva, and varicosities that emerge from the gluteal region and extend into the legs.
During exploration, a large abscess was noted over the gluteal region extending down to the lateral aspect of the thigh.
He declined further therapy with amphotericin B and was re-admitted two months later with recurrent lesions of the groin, thigh and gluteal region, which were successfully excised.
A 16-month-old boy presented with an 8-month history of a gradually increasing soft tissue mass in the left gluteal region and 2 months of subsequent abdominal distension.
We describe a rare case of metastatic basal cell carcinoma presenting on the right foot of a female patient with multiple cutaneous nodules along the right lower extremity to the gluteal region.
A 53-year-old African American man presented to the emergency department complaining of left-sided pelvic pain, which radiated to the left gluteal region and scrotum.
4) Nicholson et al (5) even reported a case of spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula in the right gluteal region.