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a crystalline amino acid occurring in proteins

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Acquisition of glutamine synthetase expression in human hepatocarcinogenesis: relation to disease recurrence and possible regulation by ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis.
neutralization of said glutamine synthetase inhibitor.
Cellectis bioresearch successfully deactivated the cell-based glutamine synthetase (GS) activity in CHO-K1SV host cell line, allowing for accelerated clone selection and shortened development times
CHOZN GS-/- was developed using SAFC's proprietary CompoZr ZFN technology, that inactivates the glutamine synthetase gene rendering the cells dependent on L-glutamine.
Blocking the action of glutamine synthetase results in a toxic accumulation of ammonia in cells, causing a rapid destruction of cellular membranes.
Detection of glutamine synthetase in the cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer diseased patients: a potential diagnostic biochemical marker.
However, glutamine synthetase is present only in astrocytes, not in neurons, and cannot remove all the ammonia that enters the brain.
United States Patent 7,070,945, "Process for determining the presence of monomeric brain associated human glutamine synthetase in patients exhibiting mild cognitive impairment," claims a method for determining those patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment who have a likelihood of progressing to Alzheimers disease.
Significantly, the researchers were able to dampen neuronal excitability in the animals' brain slices by adding glutamine, an amino acid that is depleted as a result of reduced glutamine synthetase activity.
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