mulled wine

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wine heated with sugar and spices and often citrus fruit

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Perhaps that's why they all wrap up warm, take to the streets and their own markets with friends and neighbours, sip scalding Gluhwein and get into the Christmas spirit.
These gluhwein mulling spices come in two sacks, each containing five hand-tied muslin spice pouches, and are PS9.
In Germany, that means Gluhwein -- mulled wine in English.
Get your fill of spicy gingerbread, roast sausages and delicious gluhwein and shop for toys and Christmas decorations.
Back on ground level we looked up in satisfied awe at our achievement then headed for the gluhwein we''d missed out on the day before.
Head to Cologne, Nuremberg, Dresden, Munich or Berlin, which all offer a traditional experience - hot gluhwein, a huge selection of handmade gifts, foods and seasonal entertainment, set in historic cities that know how to do Christmas.
I'm not sure exactly what happened next, but methinks someone suggested a Gluhwein or three down the pub - "Now do the Gucci bang bang, Do the skiddly buffely boodely bump".
So we plumped for the best way to heat yourself up if you've forgotten your thermals - gluhwein.
There's a limit to the amount of stale gingerbread, acrid gluhwein and badly fretsawn toys that this girl can stand, but apparently not one for the great British public.
There will be a tasty selection of festive favourites including winter warming Gluhwein and an enticing assortment of sandwiches, cakes and cookies.
The Christmas markets of Germany and Austria have inspired many shoppers to try hot alcoholic drinks such as gluhwein, Waitrose said.
December 4: Architectural Walking Tour--Light & Darkness in the heart of Basel--ends with gluhwein
Glogg or gluhwein meaning "glow wine" is a spiced wine prepared in Germany.
On Wednesdays, beginning December 6, Gluhwein -- a delicious mulled red wine that is a popular hot drink at all of Germany's Christmas markets -- will cost only DM2 per serving.
After a skate on the ice rink, grab a drink in Alpine lodge or Gluhwein bar.