mulled wine

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wine heated with sugar and spices and often citrus fruit

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people will reflect families going is a time of emotional are set of the town time, as set to for major and be for Manchester's Christmas In November gluhwein mugs were People will have a moment to reflect on the Arena families and the difficulties they will face Coun Pat Karney
The Christmas tree is already up and soon the gluhwein will be flowing and the stollen and wurst from some of the 190 stalls will be on offer.
If you're worried about pouring yours into wine glasses, then these are the perfect alternative - cheery to look at but sturdy enough for a gluhwein or two.
While Cathedral Gardens is home to the impressive two-storey Windmill Bar, formerly in Albert Square, Market Street is one of the only areas without a stall selling gluhwein and beer, instead focusing on gifts, arts and crafts.
I'm not particularly excited by all those Gluhwein stalls: in my line of work I get enough mulled wine at carol services and Christmas concerts.
After over four years of discussions, the Council and the European Parliament reached, on 14 October, an agreement on the Commission's 2011 proposal on aromatised wine products, such as vermouth, gluhwein or sangria, providing for "limited" changes to existing rules (Council Regulation EEC N[degrees] 1601/91 of 10 June 1991).
Cologne Highlights excursion The mouth-watering smell of baked gingerbread, the warming taste of Gluhwein, the heart lifting sight of twinkling outdoor lights; when was Christmas shopping more enjoyable?
These gluhwein mulling spices come in two sacks, each containing five hand-tied muslin spice pouches, and are PS9.
In Germany, that means Gluhwein -- mulled wine in English.
Back on ground level we looked up in satisfied awe at our achievement then headed for the gluhwein we''d missed out on the day before.
I'm not sure exactly what happened next, but methinks someone suggested a Gluhwein or three down the pub - "Now do the Gucci bang bang, Do the skiddly buffely boodely bump".
There's a limit to the amount of stale gingerbread, acrid gluhwein and badly fretsawn toys that this girl can stand, but apparently not one for the great British public.
There will be a tasty selection of festive favourites including winter warming Gluhwein and an enticing assortment of sandwiches, cakes and cookies.
The Christmas markets of Germany and Austria have inspired many shoppers to try hot alcoholic drinks such as gluhwein, Waitrose said.
44) are a yearly must for me--with a Gluhwein in hand, of course