mulled wine

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wine heated with sugar and spices and often citrus fruit

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I was only small and my beard was only 6ft long, but my father Glugg, your grandfather, gave me a magic spear.
Then refuel with local favourites such as hot apple dumplings and glUgg, Danish mulled wine mixed with liquor and spices.
Many spectators bring a strong drink mixture called GlUgg to the bandy arenas to fight off the cold, but even Geordie Bandy lovers do not bare their torsos .
Earwicker; the range of their diversity can be seen in a listing of the most important variations: Shem and Shaun, Caddy and Primas, Jerry and Kevin, Dolph and Kev, Mick and Nick, Glugg and Chuff, Butt and Taff, Mutt and Jute, Muta and Juva, St.
To do as the locals do you need to order a glugg, the local mix of hot wine and herbs that warms the parts lager can't.