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German composer of more than 100 operas (1714-1787)

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Compared to participants of the inner-city Glueck study, the Grant men lived on average 10 years longer than their less-educated peers.
En el estudio de los Glueck se recopilaron datos relacionados a la descripcion de la conducta antisocial y los factores de riesgos asociados a ella.
Now Glueck (who owns Glueck Auto Parts in Osprey) competes on the Super Boat circuit up to 10 times a year.
Glueck of Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati, one of the researchers on the study.
Pediatric risk factors -- cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure -- identified families where parents were at increased risk," said Charles Glueck of Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati, one of the researchers.
We would like to thank our colleagues Rhys Goldstein, Ryan Schmidt, Michael Glueck, Alex Tessier and Michael Lee for their invaluable input.
Bu grup epilepsilerden olan Lafora hastaligi, Lafora ve Glueck (1) tarafindan 1911 yilinda tanimlanmistir.
The National Milk Producers Federation named Jonathon Glueck as manager of government relations.
Merwin; or from such recent laureates as Charles Simic, Robert Pinsky and Louise Glueck.
This is not a show that is easy to digest," New York Times critic Grace Glueck wrote.
13 marked the opening for the Jack and Dreizel Glueck Center for Jewish Study, on the main campus of Yeshiva University, known as Wilf Campus, in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.
Glueck was a criminologist and professor of law at Harvard University before and after World War II.
The new Jacob and Dreizel Glueck Center for Jewish Study at Yeshiva University made its public debut at a dedication and celebration at the weekend.
Principally known for delinquency research, Glueck helped to shape the post-WWII Nuremberg Tribunal.
Glueck CJ, Goldenberg N, Pranikoff J, Loftspring M, Sieve L, Wang P: Height, weight, and motor-social development during the first 18 months of life in 126 infants born to 109 mothers with polycystic ovary syndrome who conceived on and continued metformin through pregnancy.