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something that is inhaled

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a medication to be taken by inhaling it

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The October `96 ruling from the Manitoba Court of Appeal, stating that a woman did not have to seek treatment for a glue sniffing dependency that was threatening the life of her preborn baby, has left an uneasy feeling in the minds and hearts of millions of people across our nation.
Significantly, both companies had previously refused to include deterrents because they said they didn't work, despite having conducted no appreciable research on the efficacy of oil of mustard, allyl isothiocyanate (AITC), which is the material used with success by the Testor Corporation to curb the model airplane glue sniffing mania that hit the United States in the 1960s.
But before parents - me included - go in off the deep end it's worth remembering there's nothing new in this world and every generation of teens has had its own threat, from the perils of alcohol last century to glue sniffing when I was young to today's Neknominations.
A row erupted on Tyneside today after bureaucrats dismissed glue sniffing as a relatively trivial nuisance.
I wonder how ever I survived my glue sniffing, given that one sniff has the ability to kill at a stroke, and I wilt at the knees at the thought that my own children could ever behave in a similar fashion.
Reports of glue sniffing and other solvent abuse peaked among 13- and 14-year-olds in Year 9;
To this end, they temporarily abandon glue sniffing, cigarettes, booze and drugs to save money.
Police investigating the outrage say they have found evidence of glue sniffing and drug use in the unmanned grounds.
In the early 1980s, glue sniffing had become such a big problem that the adhesives industry was concerned that the image of the whole industry would be tarnished by it,' he explains.
While Government attempts to stamp out glue sniffing have led to a decline in abuse of adhesives, butane abuse is rising.
Government claims that glue sniffing is trivial are contradicted on an NHS-funded website.
WE don't hear much about glue sniffing anymore, although it was seen to be a huge problem in the 80s.
Because Danny had started glue sniffing in the four weeks leading to his death Gerard believes social services were unwilling to help.
Station officer Danny Moynihan, of Radford Road station in Coventry, said neighbours had been complaining of people sleeping in the building and fire crews found evidence of glue sniffing.