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a primary cell used as a standard of electromotive force

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The capabilities and flexibility of the embedded processor help create appliances and platforms that can be targeted toward a particular application purely through software development efforts instead of iteration of the hardware design, which would mean utilizing expensive FPGAs, off-board peripheral ICs, or other glue logic.
SensorPath bus products include the PC8374L Super I/O controller that implements all the needed functionality for Intel's Pentium[R] 4 PC designs and integrates glue logic functions that eliminate the need for extra motherboard components, thereby reducing board size and cost.
With the integration of the POS-PHY Level 3 interface the S/UNI 2xGE does not require glue logic to connect to higher layer devices.
The new CY8C32xxx Programmable Digital PSoC 3 Family enables the integration of digital peripherals including PWMs, Timers, Counters, UARTs, glue logic and state machines.
The iCE40 FPGA family is an ideal choice for functions such as sensor management, video and imaging, custom connectivity, memory/storage expansion and glue logic.
With the core functionality and glue logic to create a fully functional FPGA design provided by FusionXF, valuable project time can be spent implementing application specific functionality, e.
Software I/O eliminates glue logic and reduces the system bill of materials.
With chipsets now sporting functions such as memory control, USB, 1394, and now graphics, they are growing into much more than their humble beginnings as glue logic," says Ian Lao, In-Stat analyst.
In addition to supporting the PCI interface, the M284XX family of devices also supports the PCI express interface which will enable telecom equipment manufacturers to design ATCA based bus architecture without any glue logic.