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a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e

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But the cast were quick to distance themselves from associations with Brendan O'Carroll's Irish comedy when the Record joined them in rehearsals at Glasgow's Glue Factory.
I was 29 years old--hardly ready for the glue factory yet.
For a few years, the state closed the Rumford River to fishing from Glue Factory Pond Dam to the Norton Reservoir because of chemical contamination.
I love working with people who push me, rather than need to be pushed," says Beth Corning, who relishes brainstorming and performing with seasoned artists via The Glue Factory Project, an initiative she launched in 2000.
We made the pure bone glue coating using a thermostatic water bath (in capacity with water capacity with glue and water is placed) by fusing bone glue granules (Bone Glue, Usolsk Glue Factory, Russia) in water at a weight ratio of 1:1 and at a temperature of 65-70[degrees]C.
From 1925 to 1936 he was employed at Shell Bank, acting for Saku Brewery, Tallinn Glue Factory and Franz Krull Machine-building Works.
But despite our lingering fiscal woes, the United States is still the best-looking horse in the glue factory.
POP megastar Rihanna looks hot to trot despite fears that her new flop TV show will be consigned to the glue factory.
Rest assured that no horses were condemned to the glue factory to produce transglutaminase, colloquially known as meat glue.
Holmfirth should be promoting Goose Green, New Fold, Daisy Lane and T'Owd Towser - actual genuine, original bits of a historic Yorkshire market town rather than flogging what, if not quite dead, is a mangy, flea-bitten horse only one step away from the glue factory.
Procreation, wedded bliss, and 50-hour work weeks can't stop the riders of Glue Factory skateboards from accruing footage, having fun, and tossing nollie flips.
It would be foolhardy for any of us to trivialize the efforts of young professionals, as it would be heretic to send old-guard managers to the business equivalent of a glue factory.
IC says: He might end up in the glue factory if things don't go well.
When the US Tax Reform Act of 1986 closed the tax-sheltering 'passive investment' loophole, limiting the use of horse farms as tax shelters, the Arabian market was particularly vulnerable due to over-saturation and artificially inflated prices, and it collapsed, forcing many breeders into bankruptcy and sending many purebred Arabians to the glue factory.