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a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e

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Rest assured that no horses were condemned to the glue factory to produce transglutaminase, colloquially known as meat glue.
Holmfirth should be promoting Goose Green, New Fold, Daisy Lane and T'Owd Towser - actual genuine, original bits of a historic Yorkshire market town rather than flogging what, if not quite dead, is a mangy, flea-bitten horse only one step away from the glue factory.
It would be foolhardy for any of us to trivialize the efforts of young professionals, as it would be heretic to send old-guard managers to the business equivalent of a glue factory.
In his latest novel, "The Glue Factory," Eugene physician Geoffrey Simmons takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the spiraling cost of health care in America.
IC says: He might end up in the glue factory if things don't go well.
When the US Tax Reform Act of 1986 closed the tax-sheltering 'passive investment' loophole, limiting the use of horse farms as tax shelters, the Arabian market was particularly vulnerable due to over-saturation and artificially inflated prices, and it collapsed, forcing many breeders into bankruptcy and sending many purebred Arabians to the glue factory.
My agent hadn't been able to sell a recent title, my essays were not being picked up by newspapers, and I had received the week before a letter from one of my publishers stating that another of my books was being declared out of print, which is like sending a racehorse to the glue factory.
In the land of Faerie, Pyrgus Malvae wants to protect animals, particularly from a glue factory that kills kittens to improve the quality of their products.
These days, most racing experts are of the view that if a horse shows decent form on its return after a big break its future is suddenly so bleak it may as well be carted straight off to the glue factory.
The headaches had reportedly worsened when he started work in a glue factory in 1998 (he had previously been an electrician) and worsened remarkably when he was transferred to the glue preparation department, where he had worked for 6 months before the loss of vision.
Sam Moore refuses to trot peacefully into the glue factory.
The cynic might call this the definitive recycling program, rendering no longer productive race horses or equine cowhands into meat and other consumables, even as more are cranked out by breeders to spend their lives in service to human selfishness until it's their turn for the proverbial glue factory.
In the past, public health officials could argue that they were protecting people from external threats: carriers of contagious diseases, fumes from the local glue factory, contaminated water, food poisoning, dangerous quack remedies.
In most office sweepstakes, I get an aged no-hoper whose next appearance will be in a glue factory.