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syrup prepared from corn

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Glucose syrup acquires the largest market share among the types of starch derivatives due to its excessive usage in the food & beverages sector, which forms a major application for starch derivatives.
Glucose syrup provides a mouthfeel and structure to food with energy and sweetness.
Specially formulated with glucose syrup to provide glucose, the body's preferred source of fast, effective energy.
Cornflakes, branflakes and many mueslis contain ingredients such as sugar, glucose syrup, raw cane sugar, malt syrup or honey.
The product is a delicious blend of sweetened condensed milk, golden syrup, glucose syrup, butter, emulsifiers and stabilisers, giving the product its unique properties for freezing and slicing over traditional sweetened condensed milk products.
A slightly synthetic after-taste and watch out for the hidden sugar - it has dried glucose syrup and sweetners.
Tesco said its Finest pork chops were clearly labelled "with added water, plus glucose syrup and salt".
It includes glucose syrup, strawberries, sugar, gelling agent (Pectin) and citric acid SALMON PASTE: The ingredients of Princes Salmon Paste include salmon (30pc), mackerel (26pc) cod (18pc), tomato puree, mayonnaise, rusks, potato starch and white wine vinegar ORANGE JUICE: Del Monte Pure Orange Juice Original contains concentrated orange juice unsweetened, vitamin C, 50pc RDA, 10pc folic acid PRAWNCRACKERS: Ingredients include tapioca starch, cornflower, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, trace of nut and a trace of prawn powder
Basically oats, cornflakes and crispy rice held together by glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable fat and sweetened, condensed and skimmed milk.
Foods as varied as hard candies and ice cream could benefit from a new high quality bio-organic glucose syrup from Cerestar Food and Pharma Specialities.
Ingredients: Water, fruit juices 25% (lemon, orange, blackcurrant, raspberry), sugar, dried glucose syrup, citric acid, stabilisers (guar gum, sodium alginate, carageenan) flavourings, colours (E131, E124, E104, E110).
Hydrolysed lactose, Galactose, Glucose syrup 97 DE,
From January it will produce starch and starch derivatives - including glucose syrup, dextrose, spray-dried products, native starch, maize oil, and animal feed ingredients.
All of Cow & Gate's First Taste range included sugar or glucose syrup.