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a hormone secreted by the pancreas

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Plasma insulin (Ins) and glucagons (Gln) were assayed by radioimmunoassay (RIA) using a commercially available kit (Tianjin Xiehe Medicine Technology Limited Company, China); intra- and interassay coefficients of variation (CV) for glucagons and insulin were less than 10% and 15%, and 8.
69 Groups (1) Gln (pg/ml) K 181 [+ or -] 69 C 198 [+ or -] 75 (1) K = Ketosis, C = Control, Glu = Glucose, NEFA = Nonesterified fatty acids, BHBA = [beta]-hydroxybutyric acid, Ins = Insulin, Gln = Glucagon.
Regulation of gluconeogenesis by insulin and glucagon in the neonatal bovine.
The new findings identify a relay system that explains how glucagon activates the CRTC2 switch during fasting, and how that system is compromised during diabetes.
Glucagon opens the IP3 spigot during fasting, allowing an increase in calcium, a common signaling molecule in the cell.
Samples were assayed for plasma T3, T4, GH, insulin and glucagon concentrations by double-antibody RIA.
The orexigenic effect of galanin decreases plasma levels of insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and gastrin and increases the release of growth hormone (Kaplan et al.
Plasma was stored at -20[degrees]C until assayed for T3, T4, insulin, GH, glucagon, glucose, fatty acid and urea.
In 1983, Bell et al (18) identified the second incretin GLP-1, a peptide of 30 amino acids derived from the glucagon precursor proglucagon.
Fourth, in addition to its insulinotropic action, GLP-1 inhibits glucagon release, delays gastric emptying, and may promote early satiety (see below).
s])-coupled receptors, the [beta]AR, and glucagon receptor, using 100 [micro]M isoproterenol or 3 [micro]M glucagon, respectively.
In the heart, activity with addition of isoproterenol, glucagon, NaF, and forskolin all increased with age, but for [Mn.