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any of several plants of the genera Gloxinia or Sinningia (greenhouse gloxinias) having showy bell-shaped flowers

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Both kinds are related to the African violet ( so, if you can grow those well, you have every chance with gloxinias.
Most people think of the gloxinia as a bouquet with roots which has to be thrown away once it has finished flowering.
Revive the dormant tubers of gloxinias and tuberous begonias by planting them individually in 7cm-10cm (3in-4in) pots in a peat-based potting compost.
The source listed below carries a separate medium for each of the following: begonias, cordylines, crassulas, dracaenas, ferns, gerberas, gloxinias, kalanchoes, lilies, orchids, poinsettias, and rhododendrons.
2 Pot on all types of seedlings, corms, tubers and bulbs such as Begonias and Gloxinias.
Towards the end of the month, tuberous begonias and gloxinias can be planted in boxes of moist compost.
Begonias and gloxinias in pots can be dried off merely by placing the pot in its side in the greenhouse and stopping watering.
6 BEGONIAS and Gloxinias will require potting on and the former will need careful staking.
Illuminated waterfalls and walls will provide the backdrop for spectacular floral displays of salpiglossis, schizanthes, antirrhinums, gloxinias and poinsettias.
I use the same compost for potting up Begonias and Gloxinias.
Sow dahlia seeds in gentleSow zinnias in a shelteredStart gloxinias into growth by setting them in boxes of light,moist soil.
5 Pot up early rooted begonias and gloxinias into individual pots.
Try this technique to expand your collection of African violets, Cape primroses, gloxinias, peperomias, some begonia species, and many succulents.
LET potted begonias, gloxinias and achimines die down naturally by avoiding watering for a few weeks.
BEGONIAS and gloxinias grown from seed should be potted into their final five or six inch pots using J.