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the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly

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The glow-worm light was waning too, but it was still there.
The light, which was as high as your head above the ground, was composed of myriads of glow-worms all holding on to each other, and so forming a dazzling canopy over the fairy ring.
A kind of ambitious glory which had lighted his face was extinguished, like the light of glow-worms we crush beneath the grass.
A sweet fragrance was smelt, and the maidens vanished in the wood; the fragrance grew stronger--three coffins, and in them three lovely maidens, glided out of the forest and across the lake: the shining glow-worms flew around like little floating lights.
reticulata biology is that their males produce light, while the males of most other glow-worm fireflies are not luminescent (De Cock 2009).
When Kirsty looked in St John's Gardens, she saw a hundred glow-worm lights and tiny figures dancing about.
Whale of a time For your own memorable adventure I recommend whale watching and swimming with wild dusky dolphins in Kaikoura Bay; kayaking with the seals on Milford Sound; visiting a glow-worm grotto like the one in Waitomo Caves; and close encounters with albatrosses and yellow-eyed penguins.
The trip will take visitors on a cruise on Milford Sound; time spent in the Glacier region; a stop in the Mount Cook area; Glow-worm wtching in the Waitomo Caves; and sightseeing in Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch.
Tim Easterby's three-year-old was not too startling on the Flat, but has done enough in three tries over timber to anticipate further progress in the Glow-Worm Renewable Technology Juvenile Hurdle.
They are now working with Glow-worm and Dimplex to help customers reduce their energy bills by up to 50% and their carbon footprint by 40% by installing air source heat pumps.
Boiler manufacturer and renewable technology specialist Glow-worm is helping homeowners to get the most from their heating system, with some valuable advice to help ensure we all get the best from our heating systems during the cold winter months.
Which, on its own, would not have been enough to persuade us to part with our ancient Glow-Worm.
As dusk fell, crowds of up to 500 villagers gathered and the whole thing came to life, transforming off-the shelf tent poles and a bag polyester netting (typically used for underwear or indoor cricket nets) into a giant animated glow-worm.
WHEN I was a child I was given a book of strange science-type conundrums such as 'Why does a glow-worm glow?
Although the reputation of today's race as a Classic guide has suffered in recent years, Hills at least has seen his winners Storming Home finish fifth and The Glow-Worm sixth in the Derby.