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the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly

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At night, the cave becomes illuminated by the hordes of glow worms residing there, and it's well worth taking a guided nocturnal tour.
Everyone turns off their torches and the cave is transformed into a magical grotto, dotted with tiny glow worms shining brightly in the darkness.
Glow worm larvae live for around two years, which is the only time they feed.
In this paper a method based on the combination of fuzzy methods and glow worms algorithms is proposed.
Pseudo code for Glow Worm Clustering Algorithm: Input: Objects (population size) to be clustered (N), the number of clusters (K) 1.
On April 15 Glow Worm confirmed that the sensor had been wrongly connected and that had caused the water temperature in the system to rise.
It's the time when the city is littered with glow worms.
Take a boat trip through the Glow Worm Grotto where you glide beneath the lights of thousands of glow worms, who live on the cave ceiling.
For those who could not make up their minds, a second memo offered a list of suggestions: "The Glow Worm," "Mr.
My mother was a whiz at playing Maple Leaf Rag (composed in 1899), Glow Worm (1902), Nola (1915) and Kitten on the Keys (1921).
Glow Worm, a stuffed animal who used to serenade me at bedtime
07pm over 300m with Glow Worm looking good to shrug off a short absence.
The glow worm becomes a "fiery center whose power expands to traverse and transform the visible world" (30).