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the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly

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Glow worm larvae live for around two years, which is the only time they feed.
In this paper a method based on the combination of fuzzy methods and glow worms algorithms is proposed.
On April 15 Glow Worm confirmed that the sensor had been wrongly connected and that had caused the water temperature in the system to rise.
It's the time when the city is littered with glow worms.
The walk is to be led by two volunteer wardens, Howard and Serena Eccles, who will explain that the glow worm isn't a worm but a beetle.
Glow Worm, a stuffed animal who used to serenade me at bedtime
Hickory looks best on the regular Friday Romford open card, while Glow Worm and Benjys Boss are the respective suggestions at Harlow and Henlow.
The front panel has a Glow Worm character and a dog.
The glow worm becomes a "fiery center whose power expands to traverse and transform the visible world" (30).
Recently released is a new children's book: The Glow Worm Cave by Anne Morgan and beautifully illustrated by Belinda Kurczok.
A female glow worm trying |to attract a male (main), the streets lamps and Jenni Cox who has been recording them
She likes being in her bouncer and she's got a glow worm toy whose face lights up when you push it.
The grant will help improve many natural habitats too, including species such as the Durham Argos butterfly and glow worm, associated with the limestone grasslands.
The firm supplies only the best equipment from well-known and well-respected names such as Baxi, Glow Worm and Potterton.
Trainer Michael Jarvis landed a double with Viera in the Glow Worm High Efficiency Combi Median Auction Maiden Stakes came as something of a surprise.