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a county in southwestern England in the lower Severn valley

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The property and cost consultancy has more than 10 years' experience of working for Gloucestershire County Council in a number of roles including building surveying, quantity surveying and project management.
Garry Handley of Gloucestershire County Council said: "We awarded the contract to PDS after they impressed us with their driver training credentials and ability to offer software which meets all of our requirements.
In an online survey on the Gloucestershire County Council website, over a quarter of people admitted that they disposed of their cooking fat in this damaging way.
Gloucestershire County Council get a big raspberry for being so mean-spirited over a dedicated band of professionals.
Members of Gloucestershire County Council who were party to the patronising reprimand, which followed two months' investigation, should consider whether the taxpayer's money is better spent on the teachers or the investigation.
Gloucestershire County Council has put forward proposals to reduce the impact of lorries.
NEWS THAT academics have been recruited by Gloucestershire County Council 'to help council staff learn how to use buses and trains" (to use the words of the Gloucester Citizen) may do little to help raise the reputation of local government staff.
The film, endorsed by Gloucestershire County Council, features a college student named Karl, who tells viewers that to obtain sexual satisfaction they should 'try experimenting with other boys and girls to see who you feel most comfortable with'.
Gloucestershire County Council had written to Central Technology College, a secondary school and sixth form college in Gloucester, calling for the suspension of the headmaster, Paul Monnelly, and sixth-form head Andy Barker.
Friend Kirsty Senior, of Gloucestershire County Council, said: "Jan was buried in a double grave.
Firepond (Nasdaq: FIRE), a leading provider of comprehensive guided selling and customer service solutions, today announced that Gloucestershire County Council in the U.
But Gloucestershire county council halted the project after six months.
She was prosecuted by Gloucestershire County Council Trading Standards Service after she failed to remove illegal cancer claims.
The taxpayer-funded position at Gloucestershire County Council will involve identifying how the recession is affecting the community.
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