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a smooth firm mild orange-red cheese

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A crowd of around 3,000 people cheered, laughed and winced as the daredevil athletes pursued the Double Gloucester cheese 200 metres down the 1:2 gradient slope.
The annual cheese rolling event takes place every year on Cooper's Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire during the last weekend in May when scores of men and women hurtle 200 yards down a near vertical slope in pursuit of a seven-pound Double Gloucester cheese.
Antawn Jamison's "Double-Down" sandwich consists of roasted turkey, double smoked bacon, double Gloucester cheese, lemon dill mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, red leaf lettuce and vine ripe tomatoes.
For example, daredevil cheese lovers will hurl themselves down the steep, grassy slopes of Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire on May 30 in pursuit of a giant, eight lbs Double Gloucester cheese.
Runners tore down a steep 300-yard course in pursuit of an 8-pound double Gloucester cheese wheel Monday at a revival of the custom of cheese rolling.
From Double Gloucester cheese coloured with lethal red lead to 'peppercorns' made of linseed oil, cayenne pepper and clay, there has always been funny business in the food trade.
The event has taken place on Cooper's Hill for maybe hundreds of years, and competitors risk life and limb tumbling down the 90m course for the highly-coveted prize - a round 7lb Double Gloucester cheese.
Every year since 1750, competitors have thrown themselves 200 yards down Cooper's Hill in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, chasing an 8lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese, hoping to be the first to catch it.
The winners get win a 8lb Double Gloucester cheese.
Daredevil cheese-lovers will hurl themselves down the steep, grassy slopes of Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire on May 30 in pursuit of a giant 8 lbs Double Gloucester cheese.
Every spring bank holiday Monday, a large Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a very steep Cotswold slope, with people chasing after it.
The winner of the chase gets to keep the prize of a seven to eight pound Double Gloucester cheese.
Runners chase a Double Gloucester cheese weighing between 7lb and 9lb, with the winner taking home the cheese.
The most seriously injured was a man in the crowd who tried to avoid a bouncing 8lb Double Gloucester cheese as it went off course.
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