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a town in northeastern Massachusetts on Cape Ann to the northeast of Boston

a city in southwestern England in Gloucestershire on the Severn

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One of them had spent time in Gloucester, England, learning endoscopic procedures.
Summer flooding in western England has closed GE Healthcare's manufacturing plant in Gloucester, England.
Health Protection Agency (South West), Gloucester, England, United Kingdom; ([dagger]) Meningococcal Reference Unit, Manchester, England, United Kingdom; and ([double dagger]) County Hospital, Hereford, England, United Kingdom
In October ICR reported that Unilever was planning to cut 320 jobs at its ice cream plant in Gloucester, England to reduce overcapacity and lower costs.
Bertie Felstead, the last known surviving member of the First World War British battalion that laid down its weapons to play soccer with the Germans in a spontaneous and long-remembered Christmas truce of 1915, died July 22, 2001, in Gloucester, England.
The modern Sunday School began in 1780 in Gloucester, England.
John Entwhistle of the Who says he has the ghost who wanders his Gloucester, England, estate to thank for a tape he used in creating the soundtrack album for the new, syndicated live-action/animation show ``Van-Pires.
The chapel replicates a 13th-century Anglican chapel in Harescombe, Gloucester, England.
GLOUCESTER, England -- Ultra ("Ultra" or "the Group") announces that its Precision Air Systems business, based in Gloucester, has won a contract worth over $8m from the US Navy to supply its HiPPAG airborne compressors for Canadian CF-18 aircraft.
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