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a stop consonant articulated by releasing pressure at the glottis

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See Harvey (1991) on the phonology of glottal stops in Arnhem Land: Merlan (1983: 6) and Baker (1999: 15) point out that in the related language Ngalakgan complete glottal closure may be dispensed with leaving only creaky voice associated with glottal constriction as the phonetic signal.
In order to indicate discontinuation without a pause, I cut out the pause and a glottal stop before and in the first line and, to compensate for this, prolonged the [s] at the end of disobedience.
By instrumental manipulations I have inserted glottal stops or lengthened existing speech sounds in verse lines, listening to the rhythmic effect of the outcome.
It was decided that glottal stops and macrons are in fact necessary and should therefore be reintroduced or at least made mandatory within Samoan language school curricula.
Also the duration of the isolated glottal stops was measured.
ignores the possibility of analogically restored glottal stops, first, when he ascribes glottal stop after a in a ninth-century Assyrian transcription to the conservatism of "a small dialect" and, secondly, when he assigns the development of *i', *u' > e, o generally to the eighth to seventh centuries on a similar basis.
It has, for example, glottal stops and sibilant L's that people who speak languages of European origin find totally foreign.
Glottal stops, length, and high pitch accent are often omitted.
The nation's everyday culture is dominated by the most brutish of proletarian values: politicians like Tony Blair from perfectly sound bourgeois families affect the dropped aitches and glottal stops of the slums, while the old codes of chivalry, patriotism, and restraint have been shoved aside in a snarling, clawing assertion of"rights.
Yucatec Maya is glottalized in some consonants, tonal in certain vowels, and uses glottal stops.
Smoked jalapenos are chipotles, and they are the essential flavoring element in Arthur Vinsel's Popotla's Chipotle Pork, a dish which incorporates the best elements of Mexican carnitas and Italian risotto, at the same time exercising your glottal stops.
Olga Smith, one of the authors of a new speech training manual, Get Rid of Your Accent, said teachers would benefit from losing their glottal stops and estuary vowels.
She said the language is filled with glottal stops," which are represented by the apostrophes in the words, for example, Hul'qumi'num.
And unable to resist a quip as he describes the bewildering number of connotations of an English person's 'sorry', he added, 'The Welsh have five glottal stops for 'I must have left my wallet with my other wife'.
If Their Lordships demur, as they did last time, then the Speaker (may his glottal stops increase) will add a certificate saying that the Parliament Act may be applied and, Hey Presto, the deed is done, for bye Her Gracious Majesty giving Her assent.