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United States feminist (born in 1934)


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Kudos to these women's efforts and here's to more truth telling, to making more men uncomfortable, Gloria Steinem style.
Going back to one of the sources I had used in part for the column (The Quote Verifier by Ralph Keyes, (2) an excellent reference book), I found that Gloria Steinem in 1973 published a compendium of Florynce's salty observations, including the one under discussion.
Indian feminism might have shed the belief that womanhood is dependent upon men, celebrated feminist Gloria Steinem told a rapt audience at the Jaipur Literature Festival on Friday, but it is still coming to terms with independence -- while interdependence is a far- off dream.
I was fortunate enough to be the student guide and host for a speaker spending a few days on campus, the writer and activist Gloria Steinem.
The other recipients of the prestigious award includes Daniel Inouye, Ben Bradlee, Sally Ride, Richard Lugar, Gloria Steinem, Ernie Banks, Bayard Rustin, Daniel Kahneman, Loretta Lynn, Maria Molina, Arturo Sandoval, Dean Smith, Patricia Wald, and C.
I was excited to be there with host Linda Ellerbee, a long-time feminist, AND guest Gloria Steinem, who has been fighting for women's rights for a long time.
Recognizable names like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem are included, but other major activists during the same time period, such as Bella Abzug, are barely mentioned.
It's a tie between Brigitte Bardot and Gloria Steinem, But if I had to choose one, I'd say Gloria because, well, she's the full package.
VETERAN activist Gloria Steinem has said she's "honoured" Sarah Jessica Parker is to portray her in upcoming movie Lovelace.
Asked to name her own sexiest woman, Jennifer chose feminist writer Gloria Steinem, hailing her "the full package".
The HBO doc "Gloria: In Her Own Words" highlights activist Gloria Steinem, whose early work was minimized due to her good looks.
Williams, Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Carol Moseley Braun, Maureen Dowd, Katha Pollitt, Pearl Cleage, Robin Morgan, Erica Jong, Mark Anthony Neal, and M.
In this the book belongs near those of Gloria Anzaldua Adrienne Rich and Gloria Steinem.
Skinner, Abraham Maslow, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Gloria Steinem, providing an unusually authoritative and varied overview of the field of psychology.
Supporters of the change range from Gloria Steinem on the left through progressive Christian leader Jim Wallis to evangelical and Southern Baptist leaders on the right.