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United States feminist (born in 1934)


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I can say, however, that my life and relationships are much richer because I listened to and followed the wisdom of Gloria Steinem and other smart women.
Skinner, Abraham Maslow, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Gloria Steinem, providing an unusually authoritative and varied overview of the field of psychology.
What follows is Ani's abortion story, which appears along with the tales of 14 other women, including Gloria Steinem Jenny Egan, and Barbara Ehrenreich, in my book Abortion & Life, photographed by Tara Todras-Whitehill.
Supporters of the change range from Gloria Steinem on the left through progressive Christian leader Jim Wallis to evangelical and Southern Baptist leaders on the right.
But really, it took World War Two to break away from the unmentioned unmentionables and later for people like Gloria Steinem to completely destroy them.
Among that group: Allen Ginsberg, Gloria Steinem, Abbie Hoffman, Bob Dylan, and Malcolm X.
We wanted it to be different from some other feminist bookstores," says Lui, "where when you walk in, there's all white women working there, Naomi Wolfe and Gloria Steinem on the posters and maybe a scary dream catcher or something.
She went on to establish the National Women's Political Caucus in 1971 with activists including Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug.
Quizzes, quotations, cartoons, poetry, projects and excerpts from authors such as Gloria Steinem and Maya Angelou make up this workbook-looking volume.
Aside from vulgar entertainers and corporate vultures, his rogues' gallery is populated almost exclusively by left-of-center public figures, pundits, and media personalities: Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Howard Dean, George Soros, Bill Moyers, Gloria Steinem, Dan Rather, and other usual suspects (plus some who are so obscure or so passe as to be unusual).
became super meaningful to me the night I could hear echoes of their chaotic set while I shook hands with Gloria Steinem during a lunar eclipse.
It is interesting to note that the book's cover contains supportive commentaries by Gloria Steinem and Louise Bourgeois, both nationally recognized as feminist leaders.
It comes as no surprise that her portraits of Lauren Bacall, Jane Goodall, Coretta Scott King, and Gloria Steinem reveal the radiance and power of women long bathed in the public eye.
During the battle over the Equal Rights Amendment, Ginny became president of the "Stop the ERA" in New York State, and soon found herself debating Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, and similar radical feminist icons.
From that time on, for the weeks and months leading up to this year's Masters tournament, the most recognizable face on the feminist frontline wasn't Gloria Steinem or Naomi Wolf or Alice Walker.