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Scandinavian punch made of claret and aquavit with spices and raisins and orange peel and sugar

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Glogging has been described as creating personal scrapbook pages that can be shared with friends and other Gloggers.
Teens love new combined services of sharing images and Glogging
com that will give tens of millions of teens who visit that site, instant access to their unique Glogging tool to create online interactive posters - or Glogs - for free.
When I was approached by Glogster to do a contest, I was immediately intrigued by the thought of showcasing the Boho brand in such a new and interactive way, and giving our reader instant access into the Boho world by Glogging.
These new capabilities are the first addition of many that will be part of Glogster's effort to continuously improve and enhance the Glogging experience to provide Gloggers with unlimited options for self-expression.