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a percussion instrument consisting of a set of graduated metal bars mounted on a frame and played with small hammers

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e closest I got to the limelight was when I played the glockenspiel in the band that accompanied the school folk dancing team.
The interesting thing is, you have to look upwards 75 feet toward Grapevine's Glockenspiel Clock Tower to see them.
Loaded up with glockenspiels and mandolins, this folk-pop act sound a bit like Arab Strap had they decided to become a wedding band.
After a morning of temperamental showers and an inadvisable 'hair of the dog' tipple, Saturday's fuzz gives way to more decent music - the Village Green stage (primarily a platform for all things nu and trad folk) finds Adem's quirky mini-orchestrations easing us into the day, weaving all-engrossing musical patterns from harmoniums, glockenspiels and all manner of other instrumentation and curios.
The Music for Mallet Instruments uses marimbas, glockenspiels and vibraphone, along with three female voices and organ.
The cash will be spent on buying musical instruments like glockenspiels, xylophones, chime bars and hand bells and paying for a new stage for the schoolchildren's regular performances.
This concert of holiday music features everything and anything that can be ``beaten, struck, pounded or plucked,'' including piano, harp, guitar, glockenspiels, drums, marimbas, cymbals, chimes and triangles.
Cradle Rock uses vibraphones, glockenspiels and mellotrons to turn iconic songs and albums by top artists such as Kenny Chesney and Johnny Cash into naptime-friendly listening material.
They play instruments ranging from special marching glockenspiels to kazoos, drums and tambourines.
A dedicated multi-instrumentalist, his recordings are layered with subtle string arrangements as well as banjos, mandolins and glockenspiels.
The Verdin Company is recognized internationally as a major manufacturer and installer of clocks, bells, carillons, glockenspiels, and other musical instruments with over 35,000 installations worldwide.
There's a retro romance and an interesting interplay of instruments, including glockenspiels and a slow drum march.