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a percussion instrument consisting of a set of graduated metal bars mounted on a frame and played with small hammers

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This concert of holiday music features everything and anything that can be ``beaten, struck, pounded or plucked,'' including piano, harp, guitar, glockenspiels, drums, marimbas, cymbals, chimes and triangles.
Cradle Rock uses vibraphones, glockenspiels and mellotrons to turn iconic songs and albums by top artists such as Kenny Chesney and Johnny Cash into naptime-friendly listening material.
Since then I have hated the Eisteddfod, glockenspiels, and buses.
Centre of the group Mrs Mena Campbell, Mayoress of Middlesbrough Swinging through Middlesbrough in 1977 were the Acklam Rainbows Below - A weight had been lifted off the shoulders of members of the Dormanstown Delegates Jazz Band who had found that their drums and glockenspiels were a heavy burden.
From the moment they wound their way through the crowd to the stage, chiming a primal rhythm from mini glockenspiels, this was an hypnotic, shamanic experience.
There's a retro romance and an interesting interplay of instruments, including glockenspiels and a slow drum march.
The range of musicians on stage with the duo had a plethora of unconventional instruments to deal with such as comical glockenspiels sounding off during Rock Upon a Porch With You.
The Music for Mallet Instruments uses marimbas, glockenspiels and vibraphone, along with three female voices and organ.
The cash will be spent on buying musical instruments like glockenspiels, xylophones, chime bars and hand bells and paying for a new stage for the schoolchildren's regular performances.
Seven multi-instrumentalists gave us incredibly complex, orchestral arrangements comprising instruments as diverse as recorders and glockenspiels.