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Synonyms for globule

Synonyms for globule

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a small globe or ball

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Isolat of bacteria E is having marking: pink's colony color, diameter 0,9 [micro]m, globulous cell, react negative gram, postif's nitrate, lisin is positive, ornithin is positive, [H.
The detailed morphological study of the cranial remains of Lluc showed that, together with the modern anatomical features that characterized the family Hominidae, and which permit to consider it a member of this family, it displays a set of primitive features, such as thick dental enamel, teeth with globulous cusps, very robust mandible and very procumbent premaxilla, which are primitive features that characterize a group of primitive hominoids from the African Middle Miocene, known as afropithecids.
Hard to tell if it was still alive: just a globulous mass.
The biggest culprits in being anti-social are the takeaway food patrons who persist in discarding food and packaging all over the place, creating an eyesore, blighting streets, car parks and picnic areas, and generally being far more anti-social with their globulous, brown, chip-infested curry, gravy and burger droppings than ever are the pigeons.
It will plant Eucalyptus globulous and other broadleaf trees that naturally absorb CO2 on about 300 hectares of land -- the size of Central Park in New York -- every year for the next 10 years.