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a family of proteins found in blood and milk and muscle and in plant seed

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It was sent to the Biochemistry laboratory of the same Institute to estimate the serum alkaline phosphatase, serum globulins, and A:G ratio values.
Key words: serum protein electrophoresis, reference interval, [gamma] globulins, avian, whooping crane, Grus americana
It was observed that the evaluated blood parameters from the Morada Nova sheep breed did not demonstrate any variation from the reference interval established for the species, except for the lower levels of globulins and higher albumin/globulins ratio.
Comparatively, serum total globulins, gamma globu lins and non-gamma globulins levels have shown significant increase (p Less than 0.
Limited experience from outside the United States with use of other immune globulin products with high levels of anti--varicella-zoster virus antibodies suggested that, compared with administration of the immune globulins within 4 days of exposure, administration >4 days (up to 10 days) after exposure resulted in comparable incidence of varicella and attenuation of disease (12-15).
Sex hormone-binding globulin was significantly inversely associated with risk (OR for the highest versus lowest tertile was 0.
The difference found in [alpha]-globulin may be related to the nutritional status, since this globulin presents an [alpha]-1 acid glycoprotein fraction that has been associated with feeding (Kaneko, 1998).
The present study showed lowering of albumin and increase of globulins in patients with chronic HBV liver disease.
The high heat of roasting destroys globulins, so that they do not appear in brewed coffee.
There were "few significant associations" among performance on neuropsychological test results and exposure to mercury in vaccines and immune globulins administered prenatally or up through 7 months of age, the authors reported.
Unbound globulins were eluted from the spun columns, and columns were washed with saline before elution of bound albumin with 100 mmol/L glycine, pH 2.
Acting on a tip from other researchers, the doctors offered their patient a novel therapy, with his parents' permission, they gave the boy a large intravenous dose of molecules called immune globulins.
Endosperm proteins have been classified into four groups -- albumins, globulins, prolamins, and glutelins -- based on their solubility properties (Shotwell and Larkins, 1989).
ADMA's mission is to develop and commercialize plasma-derived, human immune globulins targeted at niche patient populations some with unmet medical needs.
Blood from falcons with granulomas demonstrated significantly increased concentration values of [alpha]2 and [beta] globulins, decreased percentages of prealbumin and albumin, and increased percentages of [alpha]2 and [beta] globulins compared to inoculated falcons without granulomas.