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Synonyms for globule

Synonyms for globule

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a small globe or ball

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According to his calculations, the canopy consisted of "large water globules at about 2 km altitude over equatorial regions and large ice fragment clouds at about 2200 km altitude over the polar regions.
An emulsion consisting of gelatin and a polysaccharide, whose gelatin-rich emulsion droplets have been gelled to make them stable, could replace a portion or all of the fat or oil globules in such emulsions as mayonnaise, cream or dressings.
The composition of these masses was different in different locations: in the case of a cystic teratoma of the ovary, the nodules consisted of sebaceous debris with skin squames and hair (8); and in a mature cystic teratoma of the mediastinum, mobile globules consisted of paste like material, fat, and hair (10).
He agreed he had to climb over rubbish to get to the door and it was well within the three-metre radius that molten globules from welding can travel.
C'est vrai que la thalassemie est tres peu connue, mais il n'empeche que c'est une maladie caracterisee par une anemie hereditaire secondaire a une anomalie de l'hemoglobine, qui est un pigment des globules rouge servant au transport de l'oxygene.
These poisons lose their potency after adhering to the globules of the oil.
Homogenization, in which the fat globules in milk are smashed to bits in order to create uniform products, is not necessary for our health.
Aircraft engines suck the dust in, where it melts in the hot combustion chamber and fuses to form globules on the turbine vanes that then block the engine airflow.
This prevents milk from separating and therefore makes it more attractive, but the health drawbacks may have escaped our attention: there is mounting evidence showing that these small fat globules gets into the bloodstream undigested by the body and may cause heart deterioration.
Cambois Beach near Bedlington was closed to the public on Thursday after a walker discovered globules of an oily substance on the sands at the high-tide mark.
These dusty cocoons, called Bok globules, honor Dutch-American astronomer Bart).
The 33-year-old Kazakh rider, who won Saturday's 13th stage, reportedly has two different kinds of blood globules which indicates he has taken blood from someone of a compatible group.
6) Globules of fat floating within the lesion may produce the characteristic "sack of marbles" appearance on computed tomography (CT) and appear as echogenic foci with shadowing on ultrasonography.
Not to mention that we don't need a whole society obsessed with scanning little labels and calculating carb grams and fat globules, thereby separating ourselves so thoroughly from common-sense eating as to require a trip to a bookstore for research on what salad to order for lunch.
The barman, who is juggling glasses, drops a glass and it hits a sphere, which then disperses small globules of Baileys across the bar.