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Synonyms for globule

Synonyms for globule

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a small globe or ball

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Apparently, cheeses containing a higher level of fat (greater than 10%) retain their opacity, presumably because the fat globules scatter light.
The combination of the tightly bound micelle nanostructures and the microscale globules is what gives the silk its strength, says Kaplan.
It shows more than 50 stars being formed inside globules of very dense hydrogen gas.
In addition, they found some carbonate globules that are similar in texture and size to materials produced by bacteria on Earth.
Shun'ichi Kuroda of Osaka University in Japan and his colleagues suggest a hybrid vehicle: hollow globules of fat covered with a protein isolated from hepatitis B virus.
AFTER the joys of skiing in Klosters and the swelling up of my poor knee after clattering over globules of ice, I've slipped away to Southern Spain for a few days of R and R.
This continues until the spaces between the fat globules are filled with matrix proteins.
They suggested that the protrusions, which they called "evaporating gas globules," or EGGs, are havens where stars are forming.
He says: "It's an amazing glass cylinder filled with different-coloured glass globules.
In terms of microstructure, they have been examining the configuration of fat globules in cheese.
Brandt mixed samples of the husband's stool in saline solution and deposited globules of it every 10 centimeters along her colon.
Other lifelike features within the meteorite include carbonate globules and mineral grains of magnetite within those globules.
namibiensis' interior consists primarily of sulfur globules dispersed throughout a thin layer of cellular fluid, or cytoplasm, that surrounds the vacuole.
Without those imperfections, though, the molten metal globules can cool past the freezing point and remain liquid.
He next fills the space around the globules with ceramic materials that tend to scatter light in all directions.