global warming

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an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes)

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14), but at no point did he foreground his environmental arguments with a defense of the science supporting the global warming hypothesis.
I did not say I rejected the global warming hypothesis, but questioned the powers of the US President to halt it.
Thousands of publications have shaken the basis of the global warming hypothesis and diminished its consequences.
There continues to be lively debate among politicians and in the general press about whether the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is true, but little serious discussion of what the United States should do if it is true.
Meanwhile, concerning those sea levels--which should have been rising if the global warming hypothesis were correct--it looks as though they are not.
The attraction of the global warming hypothesis as an explanation of highland malaria is the existence of a continental trend toward global warming coincident with a trend toward increasing malaria incidence in several parts of Africa, ranging from Senegal (13,14) to Madagascar (10).
The Lavoisier Society uses such `evidence' to claim that scientists support the global warming hypothesis because it guarantees increased research funds.
But a growing number of experts accept the validity of the global warming hypothesis, even if exact levels of change are uncertain.