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FPL's support for global warming alarmism has caused a backlash resulting in protests surrounding its construction of a gas-fired power plant in South Florida.
While a small part of GE's business involves alternative energy technologies like windmills, the company is losing revenue from the cancellation of coal-fired power plants because of global warming alarmism ?
But PepsiCo, the seller of the most popular brand of bottle water, is already experiencing a backlash from global warming alarmism.
Myron Ebell, a top global warming debunker at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, wrote in Human Events: "Climate Action Report 2002 is a disastrous concession to global warming alarmism.
The economy is in trouble, GE's stock price is faltering, and new questions are being raised about the science associated with global warming alarmism, yet GE CEO Jeff Immelt is lobbying for climate legislation that virtually everyone recognizes as a major threat to the national and global economies," said Steve Milloy, portfolio manager of Action Fund Management (AFM), the FEAOX's investment adviser.
The sort of global warming alarmism promoted by Mr.
Not only is Ecomagination only a small part of GE's business, but the sort of global warming alarmism needed to grow Ecomagination could very well wind up hurting the other 90-plus percent of GE's business," Milloy observed.
Global warming alarmism may already be harming GE's business in the following ways:
More recently, the global warming alarmism that GE is helping foster is already having unintended consequences for the company.
People who are bewildered by the intense global warming alarmism of the past few years should read the Independent Summary for Policymakers to get a more accurate and balanced understanding of the real state of knowledge on this important subject.
The Summary for Policymakers is designed to be a propaganda document that will promote global warming alarmism.
Our opposition to global warming alarmism is based on three points," said AFM's Steve Milloy.